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How to Build Garage Cabinets

Shashank Nakate Nov 5, 2018
Building a storage cabinet in your garage will help keep the place clean and organized. We takes you through the steps of building one at home.
Garage cabinets are required to store different instruments, car accessories, equipment, and many other items. They are easy to build, and are extremely useful as they help clear clutter.
Cabinets come in different shapes and sizes, as per the needs of the customer. Many people tend to buy ready-made cabinets. However, with a little effort and planning, you can easily build a cabinet that serves your needs. If designed properly, the cabinet will provide enough space to store heavy instruments as well.


The basic supplies or materials required are plywood, nails, a screwdriver, weather resistant paint, hinges, and door knobs. Try to use a sealant to fill the gaps. Gloves should be used, and wear protective eye goggles to prevent dust particles entering your eyes.


First of all, determine the dimensions of the cabinet. Decide the height, width, and depth according to what you plan on storing inside. The depth needs to be slightly bigger than the instruments kept inside. The width should be large enough to store the instruments that are generally found in a garage. Decide whether or not you want shelves.
The plywood used should be cut properly as per the dimensions. The pieces of plywood should be cut in a way that there is a top, bottom, back, and two sides, as well as boards for shelves (if you want any). Nails or screws could be used to fix these pieces together.
Cut a piece of plywood in the same dimensions as that of the back piece to make a door. The door can either be a single or a double-pieced one. The door should be fixed to the structure with the help of the hardware purchased. Hinges and screws are needed to fix the door. Then, attach the doorknob. The hardware necessary to install the latch is put in.
Generally thin strips of wood are attached to the edges of the cabinet to make the handling easy and comfortable for the user. The legs should then be attached. To make the cabinet weatherproof, coat it with oil paint. Don't forget to paint the cabinet, since plywood is susceptible to moisture.
You can also add other features like drawers if you require. Ensure that you take necessary care while handling power tools.
Hiring a professional service to install cabinets is an easy option; however, it can be expensive. Building cabinets yourself can help to customize them, and will also give you a sense of satisfaction.