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How to Build a Fire Pit with Rocks

Aparna Jadhav Dec 11, 2018
Fire pits are very convenient and comfortable for the winters. Find out how to build a fire pit with rocks, from the steps mentioned here.
Outdoor and indoor fire pits are the new commodity of style and luxury for modern homes. They look beautiful and elegant, as they are made in symmetrical patterns with unique finishes. The ones built from rocks have a natural, rugged look.
They look great either on a green backyard lawn, or even in the patio right outside your house. To build these, you have to set a strong base underground, and then, give the top an attractive covering. Learning the procedure is not at all a difficult thing. You too can build one in your own backyard if you like the idea.

Building a Fire Pit Using Rocks

It is always better to build one yourself, as it is easy, and you won't have to bear heavy expenses. Outdoor pits can be built of stones, tiles, wood, concrete, or rocks. Out of all, rocks can be the best option, as they are basic, stylish, and can last a lifetime. Here is the basic method to build a rock fire pit.

Materials Required


✦ You need to choose an area in the backyard. Measure it with a measuring tape to ensure it is 2 to 3 feet. With flour or chalk, mark this area as outline to build the pit accordingly. Don't erase the mark till you finish digging.
✦ With the shovel, dig out a neat hole in the measured area, which will accommodate the pit. If you are building it for the first time, better go for a square-shaped design, as a round one will require more work and accuracy. Thus, make the sides of the pit vertical, and then dig into the ground at a depth of 7-9 inches.
✦ With the shovel, clean the bottom of the ditch by scraping out the surface, and leveling the ground uniformly. Once you have done this, add a 3 inch layer of gravel to the bottom of the pit for drainage purpose. Since this is the main foundation, you will need to make it strong and effective.
✦ Over the gravel layer, add 3 inch sand layer, and level it till hard and thick. You will need enough sand for this layer as volume of sand can be lesser than gravel. With the shovel, even this layer so that it forms a seal over the ground. This ensures that sparks from the pit do not enter the ground and damage the foundation.
✦ The last step is building upper section of the pit with rocks or stones. Place the rocks around the edge of the pit, cementing them one over the other to make the wall. This keeps the flames inside, and protects the surrounding. You can make the wall 3 feet above the ground so that the fire is visible.
After going through the aforementioned instructions, you would be thinking about when to start building. Go ahead, and make a stylish rock fire pit in your backyard, as it is a great investment for the winters.