How to Build a Deck Roof

How to Build a Deck Roof
Mentioned in this article are the instructions on building a deck roof, which is waterproof. Read on...
Backyard Deck Reconstruction
A deck is a great spot in your home to enjoy the outdoor fresh air, and watch the scenery during the different seasons. But, what to do when it rains or when it is too sunny? Instead of keeping the umbrellas near your tables or deck chairs during the summers, install a deck roof to enjoy the outdoors during these seasons. There are various types of decks, but building a sturdy roof which will last for years is advised. Using waterproof building material will prevent any water dripping on the deck floor during the rainy seasons.
Building a Deck Roof
There are different kinds of roofs which can be installed on the deck. If you don't wish to go for a waterproof one, then a pergola-style roof is an excellent option. A pergola-style roof on a deck gives an elegant look to your house. In this style the posts are on the deck itself and you can grow some climbing flowering vines on a pergola roof. The vines and railing will provide enough shade over the deck. A gable roof is also an excellent idea, but the installation is a tedious one and better left to professionals. However, gable roof ceilings are stronger and will last for a longer duration. It is always advisable to look for professional help if you wish to go for a long-lasting deck. But, to build a simple roof which will be easy to hoist and also provide you a shady shelter and a rainproof one, here are the steps you can follow.
Step #1: Installing the Posts
The builder will first install the posts to support the roof, most can be installed on the deck frame of the roof using metal braces. But if your roof becomes heavy, then install the two front posts on the ground. Tie the deck posts on the frame of the roof. Make sure that the height of the front of the roof matches with that of the house roof, so you can attach the backside of the roof frame to your house roof, and the front side to the two posts. The front two posts can be placed on the ground to make the roof sturdier and should be sloping at a rate of 6 inches over two feet.
Step #2: Building a Roof Frame
Measure the outer dimension of your deck, and build the frame of the same size on the ground. Use 2-by-4 or 2-by-6 wooden logs to build the roof frame. Fasten them together using nails and screws. To create the sub-roofing use plywood boards.
Step #3: Covering the Roof and Installing the Roof on the Frame
Now on the sub-flooring of the roof frame, install a tar paper and then cover it by laying the tin roofing down. The roof can be hoisted using a small crane. Tie the tin roof into your home roof using metal flashing, which can be found at a home supplies store.
Make sure you follow the instructions properly and build a strong frame. And cover it well with tar paper to ensure proper water drainage during rains.