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How to Build a Brick Patio

Parashar Joshi May 13, 2019
Are you thinking of beautifying your home by building a brick patio? Read further, as the following information will give you instructions on doing the same.
Nothing makes your backyard look as homely and inviting as a brown brick patio does. Additionally, if you happen to be one of those lucky guys who also have a cute little lawn out in the front, then building a brick patio is something that you should give serious thought to.
It is a fantastic landscaping option and will simply make your lawn and your backyard look stunningly beautiful. Also, the brown-green combination will make a perfect sight in the autumn evenings. Here is information on building a brick patio within the shortest amount of time.

Building a Brick Patio: Instructions

Materials and Tools Required

  • Crushed stone or granite
  • Fine sand
  • Rectangular-shaped bricks
  • Rubber mallet
  • Wooden tamper
  • Wooden screed
  • Measuring tape
  • Shovel
  • Broom
  • Garden hose
  • Piece of nylon string
Next, you should decide your choice of brick patio design. Rectangular patterns, checkerboard patterns, curved patterns, concentric patterns, zigzag patterns, abstract layouts, etc., are some of the popular brick patio ideas that are currently in vogue.
For the sake of simplicity, here we will consider a straightforward rectangular brick patio. It is the simplest of all brick patio designs and does not involve any cutting or slicing of bricks.


1. First and foremost, measure the area where you wish to build the patio with a measuring tape. Double-check to make sure that you haven't made any measurement errors.

2. Now, mark the perimeter of this rectangular area with the nylon string. It will act as a guideline and will help you in laying the bricks correctly and at the right angles.
3. Next, dig up the marked area with your shovel. The depth should be uniform and it should be approximately six inches. Smoothen the dug up area using a wooden tamper.
4. Now empty the bags of crushed stone (or crushed granite) over this area. Using the wooden screed, smoothen it uniformly across the entire surface area. After that, press it firmly using the wooden tamper.
5. Pour a couple of bags of fine sand over the layer of crushed stone. Once again, spread it uniformly across the rectangular area and press it firmly using the tamper.
6. Now comes the part of laying the bricks. Starting from one corner of the rectangular area, lay two bricks at a time in an alternate pattern, i.e., in a crisscross manner. Make sure that the bricks fit snugly and that no space remains between them.
7. Proceed in this manner until you have covered the entire area. If the last few bricks do not fit entirely between the edges, you may need to slice or cut them to appropriate sizes in order to ensure a compact fit.
8. Once all the bricks have been laid, knock them down firmly with a rubber mallet so that they are leveled. Now, empty a bag of sand over the newly laid bricks. Using a broom, spread it evenly across the entire surface area.
Afterwards, spray the surface gently using a regular garden hose. The sand will seep into the gaps and cracks between two adjoining bricks and in the process, will act as a packing agent to fill up any open gaps or empty spaces.
This was the fastest and the simplest way to build a brick patio. If you wish, you can also add a layer of cement above the layer of crushed stone and sand. This will help in binding the bricks permanently to the base and will prevent them from moving or shifting out of place.
This was all about building a brick patio in a short span of time. The process should not take you more than a few hours and it can be an excellent home improvement option for you to consider.