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How to Build a Barbeque (BBQ) Grill

Medha Godbole Nov 5, 2018
The mere mention of a barbeque is enough to make mouths water. Simply put, this is a grill on wheels, which one can easily set up in the backyard or patio. Read on for some tips on how to build your own BBQ grill.
Wouldn't you love to host your own barbecue party? However, you don't know how to get a grill. Ordering grilled food from a restaurant wouldn't be as much fun. Don't worry! Build a barbeque grill in your patio, and be ready for a weekend bash. Here are some interesting tips to carry out this task.
Barbeque is basically a tool and style of cooking food, with heat from wood or charcoal. Interestingly, this word is also used to refer to a gathering or a party. Connoisseurs swear by the fun of it, when set up outdoors. It is the best bet for a party to be a hit.
There are three general techniques of barbeque cooking. They are grilling or griddling, braising ,and cooking with indirect heat, which requires a significantly longer time.
Grilling involves a ribbed-surface over direct dry heat. It is done by using wood, charcoal, gas (natural gas or propane) or electricity. Griddling means cooking on moist heat (by adding oil and butter) over fire on a flat surface. Braising is a combination of cooking on direct, dry and moist heat.
It is done using a ribbed surface for the dry heat, and a broth-filled pot for the moist heat. The cooking is done at various speeds, starting with fast and then gradual cooking. Another technique is when cooking is done using indirect or low-level direct heat and low temperature. It takes several hours to cook in this method.
To build a BBQ grill of your own, planning needs to be done to decide the position and size of the pit fire grill. It should correspond to the grill grate and screen cover.
After you are done deciding on the size and location, you will need:
  • bricks
  • plaster
  • wood
  • grate
  • a round piece of tin

Directions for Building Your Own Barbeque Grill

  • The diameter of your grill grate should be slightly bigger than that of the grill.

  • Using it as a guide, mark the size on the ground, and lay the round piece of heat-proof metal sheet on it.

  • The bricks have to be laid in a spherical manner, making sure that they touch each other.
  • After the first layer circle, make a new layer, overlapping two bricks underneath with new bricks.

  • Keep on adding the layers, until the desired height (between 18 inches and 2 feet) is met.
  • Follow the brick-layering process by setting the stones in the base of the fire pit, succeeded by firewood.

  • Kindle the fire until you see a fair amount of glowing red cinders at the bottom.

  • Cover the fire pit with the grill gate.
Your home-built barbeque grill is ready. Now you may flaunt it whenever you throw a party at home. A nice grill, coupled with passionate cooking, is surely going to get you the appreciation.