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How to Afford an Inground Pool

Mikkie Mills Nov 12, 2019
Having an inground pool is something many families dream of. And why not? Having a pool can add value to your home, make it possible to swim and exercise whenever you want, and provide you with entertainment that can save money during summers, since you can swim at home rather than joining a local pool.

Set a Budget for Your Household

Sit down with your partner to figure out how much money you can set aside every month to afford a pool. The more you set aside, the quicker you can have it installed. Saving money by cutting household expenses is one of the best ways to work toward getting a pool since you won't incur debt in the process. After all, it never hurts to reevaluate your budget.

Designate a Special Savings Account

Designate a special savings account just for your pool. Any additional money you weren't expecting like a work bonus or gift can go into this account. This is a useful way to accumulate funds, and allow you to keep track easily to see what you have. If you know how much your future pool costs, this can make it easy to work toward the goal of saving.

Consider a Loan

Depending on your needs and how quickly you would like to have the pool put in, it might be helpful to take out a loan. This can help manage the cost of inground pool. This way you canĀ have your pool put in immediately without waiting more time than you would like to save up the necessary funds.

Give Up Something

ConsiderĀ giving up something you don't need or want. Perhaps this might include cutting unhealthy snacks out of your budget, in an effort to work toward a healthy lifestyle. Whatever the case may be, think carefully and get rid of items that aren't essential.


There are many ways to save for an inground pool. Consider setting up a budget. Or if you need the pool sooner, taking a loan might be helpful. Finally, cutting things out of your budget helps put your money toward something you really want. These little steps can go a long way in making a big difference.