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How Far Apart to Plant Evergreen Trees

How Far Apart to Plant Evergreen Trees

Are you thinking on planting evergreen trees in your garden? Perhaps you should know how far apart to plant evergreen trees before you begin. Read the following article for details...
Sheetal Mandora
Anyone who has ever had the flair for gardening or watched their grandparents working in their gardens, will know that there are specific steps to planting trees, shrubs, hedge plants, and ornamental trees. Gardening isn't just a hobby; proper skills are required and following the correct technique is necessary. While planting flower plants, ornamental grass, or any other type of plants and trees, the same concept is applied because it guarantees your garden will have beautiful blossoms and stays green for a longer time. And no wonder, there are so many tools and guidelines required to make any space into a garden.

Now, when you have to plant evergreen trees, proper care and planting instructions need to be followed. The reason - evergreen trees continue having leaves all year round, granted they are planted in temperate climates. After these trees have been planted properly, they seldom require constant attention; they are capable of growing themselves, without the need of constant care. Now evergreen trees don't necessarily require highly nutritious soil to flourish, because these trees slowly grow new leaves throughout the year. So, if you reside in a region where nutrients are low, planting evergreen trees is a good option because the leaves from the trees help in fertilizing themselves. As the leaves of the trees are rich in nutrients, when they fall to the ground, they inversely replenish the soil and protect the roots by acting like mulch. Since growing evergreen trees has many benefits, without you having to work too hard, what you need to know for the initial stages is - understanding the exact distance needed between two trees. Read the following section to find out more.

How Far Should Evergreen Trees be Planted from Each Other

There are different types of evergreen trees. Which is why, before you select the area to plant them, decide which evergreen trees you'll like to plant. This way, if there are any specific planting requirements (pertaining to that variety), you can follow them accordingly. What I mean by requirements is that you need to take the trees' root system and crown growth into consideration. None of these factors should hinder trees planted next to each other. This is why it's important to allow adequate spacing among evergreen trees.
  • To make sure the root system has enough space to spread out and attach itself with the earth, dig the holes (not too deep) and keep the diameter two times bigger than the roots.
  • We want the roots to penetrate deep into the soil and grow freely. Hence, use a shovel to scrape the edges of the holes.
  • While planting saplings, don't keep them close to one another. Even at this moment, their sizes aren't that big; but once they grow, they will make the trees next to themselves weak. Also, the fight for adequate sunlight and nutrients will begin.
  • Generally, you should keep evergreen trees about 10 to 12 feet far from each other. This way, the roots of each tree have enough space to penetrate in the soil and expand. However, certain evergreen trees can also be planted about 8 feet far from each other.
  • If you have a larger space to plant evergreen trees, you can opt to plant them in rows as well. Depending on the number of trees to be planted, divide them equally into length of rows. While spacing one row to the other, keep the spacing ranging from 12 to 20 feet apart.
Now the spacing requirement applies to planting evergreen trees in a big garden or closer to buildings (like offices and homes). All you need to make sure is that the trees get ample sunlight, even partial sunlight is fine, and no buildings are hindering the sunlight.