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Hosta Varieties

Hosta Varieties
Hosta is known for its large-sized leaves and colorful flowers which really accents any environment it's placed in. Read this Gardenerdy article to know more about its varieties.
Fatima Rangwala
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2019
These plants are known to be excellent shade plants and have nearly become the foundations to the idea of shade gardens. The size of these leaves is the most noticeable factor in these plants.
Right from giant hosta varieties which shoot up to a height of 28'' to dwarf varieties which are no taller than 4'' in height, the size is their striking feature. These plants come in various shapes such as round, oval, elliptical, lance-shaped, broadly-oval, etc.
Having been popular gardening plants for years, hostas have now become one of the largest selling perennial plants in the US. Hosta breeders are diligently cultivating and exercising these lovely shade-loving plants in order to exert them in the heat.
These plants lose their charm and color due to constant exposure to sunlight. Even though there are types that are grown for sustaining the charring sunrays, you or your gardener will have to mulch them and water regularly.
List of Various Hosta Plants
Solid Gold Leaf Hosta
Zounds Hosta
  • Zounds
  • Lemon Lime
Amber tiara Hosta
  • Amber Tiara
Sum and substance Hosta
  • Sum and Substance
August moon Hosta
  • August Moon
Solid Green Leaf Hosta
Corkscrew Hosta
  • Corkscrew
  • Invincible
Candy hearts Hosta
  • Candy Hearts
Honeybells Hosta
  • Honeybells
Royal standard Hosta
  • Royal Standard
Solid Blue Leaf Hosta
Blue Cadet Hosta
  • Blue Cadet
  • Krossa Regal
Abiqua Blue Crinkles Hosta
  • Abiqua Blue Crinkles
  • Halcyon
Blue Angel Hosta
  • Blue Angel
Sun Tolerant Hosta
Francee Hosta
  • Francee
  • August Moon
  • Blue Angel
  • Halcyon
  • Honeybells
  • Invincible
Sugar and Cream Hosta
  • Sugar and Cream
  • Krossa Regal
  • Royal Standard
  • Sum and Substance
  • Sun Power
Variegated with White Margin
Fair Maiden Hosta
  • Fair Maiden
  • Francee
Allen P. McConell Hosta
  • Allen P. McConell
Liberty Hosta
  • Liberty
Frozen Margarita Hosta
  • Frozen Margarita
Minute man Hosta
  • Minute Man
Patriot Hosta
  • Patriot
Ginko Craig Hosta
  • Ginko Craig
Variegated with Yellow or Gold Center
Fortunei 'Gold Standard' Hosta
  • Fortunei 'Gold Standard'
  • Spritzer
June Hosta
  • June
  • Orange Marmalade
Hosta - Paul's Glory
  • Paul's Glory
September Sun Hosta
  • September Sun
Stained Glass Hosta
  • Stained Glass
Ground Cover Hosta
Gold Standard Hosta
  • Gold Standard
  • Francee
Bold Ribbons Hosta
  • Bold Ribbons
  • Gold Edger
Golden Tiara Hosta
  • Golden Tiara
  • Halcyon
Invincible Hosta
  • Invincible
  • Ground Master
Shade Fanfare Hosta
  • Shade Fanfare
The above-mentioned plants will definitely help you in landscaping your garden. Consult an expert for better guidance, depending on the layout of your house and garden.