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Homemade Stink Bug Traps

Puja Lalwani Mar 11, 2019
Get rid of stink bugs, by using homemade stink bug traps. Given here are some simple measures you can resort to, to get rid of pests.
Stink bug infestations are one of the most common problems faced by garden owners. The insects make their presence felt during the fall when they go into hibernation. At these times, they are likely to infest your homes. In the summers, they usually get attracted to the fruits, vegetables, and other plants (including weeds) you grow in your garden.
They live up to their name by emitting a strong odor they use as a defense mechanism against predators. This happens when you try killing stink bugs by squashing them. As using too many insecticides, pesticides is harmful for you and your plants, you can use a simple control method that helps you get rid of the bugs without exposure to harmful chemicals.

Natural and Homemade Traps

The methods mentioned below are not all traps, and some may be used as repellents. Do keep in mind that these traps and repellents are suitable for a smaller amount of bugs, and a large-scale infestation will have to (and should) be treated only professionally.

Light Traps

As mentioned earlier, stink bugs are attracted to light and bright objects. If you don't want to install the light traps available in the market, try lighting candles and placing them in a bowl of water outside. The bugs will get attracted to them and then drown.

Sticky Solutions

One of the best ways to get rid of stink bugs is by making a sticky solution and applying it to a bright colored paper (preferably yellow) in your garden. Since they are naturally attracted to this color, this trap is very effective in getting rid of them.

Soap Water/Ammonia Solution

Stink bugs drown in soap water solution. The method however needs some manual labor. You will have to pick out every bug and drop it in lukewarm soap water solution or water-ammonia solution. Ensure that you dispose the water and flush it so that they don't come back. You can also spray it on leaves and areas where you think bugs could enter your house.
While dishwasher detergent is usually effective, ensure that your plants are not affected by it by first testing the effect of this solution on the plants.

Natural Repellents

Repellents for stink bugs can be found in your very own kitchen. Make a solution of 4 tsp garlic powder with 2 cups of water, and spray it on your plants outdoors. The pungent smell of this solution will repel the bugs.

Colorful Traps

For an effective trap, place tall yellow pipes amid your plants, and watch the stink bugs walk into your trap. Fill these with some soap solution to ensure that they cannot get out. Replace the water on a regular basis.
Apart from these repellents and homemade traps, there are other methods that help you get rid of stink bugs in the house or prevent their infestation altogether. For one, just before the onset of winter, ensure that you have all the cracks and entryways for such bugs sealed so that they don't get in easily.
Seal both the inside and outside the house for double safety. If you do notice a infestation in your house, use a vacuum cleaner to suck them all up and then dispose of them. Do be careful of the stench they may leave behind in your vacuum cleaner. Try any of the aforementioned traps and be assured of positive results.
As mentioned earlier, these are effective for smaller amounts of stink bugs and a huge infestation should be taken care of by professionals.