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Homemade Lawn Fertilizers

Sonia Nair Oct 6, 2018
Do you want a healthy lawn at the cost of the environment? If no, go green by using organic lawn fertilizers. Read on...
Everyone loves a green chunk of grass in their yard. Achieving a healthy and lush green lawn requires proper care, which includes regular mowing, feeding and watering. There are many commercial fertilizers that claim to make your lawn lush and healthy.
But, have you ever thought of the effect of such fertilizers on the environment? Moreover, it can also be harmful for the health of your kids as well as pets. One of the best alternatives is to use organic fertilizers, which are usually expensive.
Thus, it is always better to use homemade lawn fertilizers to save your money and to become environment friendly. Homemade ones do not cause any harm to the environment. They are also safe to kids as well as pets.
Homemade fertilizers are usually made of inexpensive household items, which are easily available. Using the right ingredients in the correct proportion and at the right time can help you achieve a beautiful lawn, which others will envy.

Composting Mixture

One of the most common and effective organic lawn fertilizer is compost mixture made of plant debris and kitchen scrap. All you need is a pillow case, compost and some kelp. Fill 1/4th of the pillow case with compost and kelp and place it in a bucket with 5 gallons of water.
Secure the ends of the pillow case to the rim of the bucket, so that it does not fall into the water. Keep it like that for three to four days. The mixture has to be shuffled every day. Gradually, the color of the water changes to brown and may become smelly too.
As the water turns dark brown, remove the pillow case and fill a garden sprayer with two gallons of water and 1/4th gallon of the liquid compost from the bucket. Now, your homemade liquid lawn fertilizer is ready for application.
You can spray it on the lawn in a sweeping motion. Always remember to water your lawn lightly, after the use of this compost fertilizer. You can also apply it before the rains.

Beer Fertilizer

Like you, your lawn can also enjoy beer, but in a different way. In this case, you have to add some other items to make the beer beneficial for your lawn. The ingredients of this formula are one can of beer, one can of soda, ½ cup of ordinary liquid dish wash soap, ½ cup of ammonia and ½ cup of mouthwash.
Mix all the ingredients and spray on the lawn with a hose-end sprayer. Early mornings or late evenings are preferred for this task and don't forget to water the lawn after applying this fertilizer. In places with hot climates, you can use this solution once in every three weeks.
Beer in the solution helps microbial activity (microbes convert the food matter in the soil to nutrients needed by plants), which are needed for the growth of the plant. Soap helps in spreading the solution in a uniform manner.

Comfrey Fertilizer

Another option is to use comfrey leaves. You can get comfrey plants from plant and nursery stores nearby.
Fill a bucket with comfrey leaves and add water to it. Leave it to ferment for two to three weeks. Strain and use the mixture for feeding the lawn, but remember that you have to mix one part of the liquid with five parts of water to make it fit for application (on the grass).
Any of these formulas can be used as a fertilizer for your lawn. Apart from the one made of beer and soda, the other two have to be prepared well ahead as it takes time to make them. You may use these homemade lawn fertilizers and save some money, apart from being environment friendly.