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Homemade Garden Waterfalls

Prashant Magar Nov 23, 2018
Waterfalls can enrich the beauty of any garden. Cascading water acts as a natural healer and enlivens the human spirit. Here we enlisted some tips on making a waterfall yourself.
A garden waterfall is a splendid extension to the environs. It supplies fresh oxygen to the water body present in the garden. A homemade one gives your garden an elaborate touch, along with a deep satisfaction of creating a personal landmark. It is a fun activity for the family and is easy to build.
A garden waterfall is a framed decoration comprising man-made and natural materials. There are several ways to design one depending upon the type of house and the kind of surroundings you have or desire.
Here are few basic things to consider while building a waterfall.
  • The design proportions should match the location. The water body and surrounding plants should be in harmony with the flow requirements of the cascade.
  • There should be no or minimum impact on the other natural settings. This will give the waterfall natural beauty and maintain the garden aura.
  • The pumping motors, height and speed of water flow should match the type and design. Choose a location where there is ample sunlight and minimum foliage falling into the water.
  • The liner or the tub used should be big enough to hold water. The size of the liner should ideally be four times the depth of water pond. It must be flexible and a single-piece sheet to avoid leakage. A complete undivided piece is essential to sustain the natural look.
  • The drainage pipe should be away from the source of water and tactfully covered below the ground or water pond. The draining system should be away from the source of the waterfall to maintain a constant flow of water.
  • The mud or soil dug up for the pond can be utilized in building the structure of the fall. Rocks or stones can be sized and spaced as per the required size. Multiple and crude stacking of rocks adds to the natural effect of the environs.
  • Check if the entire arrangement is properly interconnected and flexible to be moved and cleaned.
  • An important point is that size matters; a big waterfall is easy to build and more convenient to maintain. The construction area must be bigger than size of the waterfall. It is better to have a slightly bigger arrangement than to restrict it in a small space.
A waterfall creates a fantastic sight and a tranquil sound that has an extremely relaxing effect. The best part of a homemade construction is the flexibility of design. Here are a few design ideas for you to consider.

Classic Rocks

This is the most preferred and natural style. Water gushing over rocky tiers makes a pleasant sound and is treat to eyes. The rocks give a typical flowing sound just like soothing music. A multi-tier arrangement creates a perfect blend, giving it a heavenly feel.


You can have a sound arrangement, preferably a soft melody like of a bell or flute. Some decorative effect of flowers and fish will make it an irresistible place, and your neighbors' envy. The running water flowing to the rhythm of music makes a superb combination for a simple afternoon nap or a decent hangout for a weekend get-together.


Some families doubt to have their own waterfall due to small kids in the house. A pondless waterfall is a simple, unique solution to the problem. The pond can be filled with big rocks to give designer look. The space can be filled with plants, fish making the waterfall safe and enjoyable for kids. Remove the rocks once the children grow up or learn to swim.


Another unique concept is to have the fall on both sides of the rocks. This watercourse needs a double-sided setup and may be a bit expensive. If you want an extravagant look, this can be a nice value addition to your property. This kind of setup provides a good view from multiple directions, and therefore can be built almost anywhere in your garden.

Japanese Style

This style involves decking up the waterfall with granite or marble stones. It adds a refined look and is a good option for a polished design. It can be further beautified by a characteristic arrangement of water plants and lighting effects.