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Strikingly Beautiful Hardscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

Hardscaping Ideas for Small Backyards
Small backyards may seem restrictive when it comes to detailing, but let space not be the barrier when it comes to beautifying your home. With the ideas mentioned here, you will be able to create a striking hardscape.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Here's a Trick!
While using boulders to hardscape the backyard, bury them deep enough so that the part which is visible will appear like a part of the natural surrounding.
A restrictive amount of space can be a major put off, especially when you plan to do a fairly good landscape. Well they say, with a little bit of planning and proper execution, even the tiniest crack can come to life. So, your backyard can be transformed into a beautiful living space with a little hard work. The silver lining for you is that you can rely on hardscaping to add character to your yard, thus, enhancing the overall look of your home.

Hardscaping is nothing but using non-living objects instead of naturally available material to beautify an area. Hardscaping along with softscaping work can be used to create a space that easily turns into a private cove. Creating multiple paved surfaces, like landings and pathways for example, is sure to add texture and dimension irrespective of the amount of area in hand. The following ideas will help you get a better perspective on how to go about with the landscaping.
Visual Levels
Create levels in your backyard to lend it a dramatic look. Add pathways laced with a hint of softscaping to add to the aesthetic appeal. Convert a wall into a vertical garden, or simply use the upper portion of the wall to harbor your plants. Use steps to reach the high wall, while the surrounding area can be used as a seating area.
Stone footpath
Flowerpots on old stairs
Isolated Islands
Choose a spot that forms the center of the backyard. Use tiles to create an island large enough to accommodate a couple of chairs. Use the surrounding area for flowering plants, creepers, and climbers, and in a matter of months, you will have your own treasure island ready.
stone bench
couple of chair
Living Waters Flow
You would think it is impossible to add a water feature in your tiny backyard, but the answer is just the opposite. Adding a water feature not only adds dimension, but gives you a visually appealing and soothing yard to often return to.
garden fountain
pond with green leaves inside
tranquil fountain
Interesting Pathways
Confined eh? A pathway connecting the entrance with the backyard is the probable solution to seemingly confined spaces. Use artistically cemented blocks to spruce up the pathway. Enhance the overall appeal by planting bamboo shoots or palm along the boundary, while keeping flowering plants on the inner border of your territory. Throw in a few lights, and the results are up for all to see.
alley in japan
Fencing In
Keep fencing to a bare minimum by opting for a picket fence, or better still, install an iron chain that will mark your territory. Avoid using stone hedges to run the length of the designated area. Using a trellis to line the backyard will ensure you save up on space, as well as provide you respite from pesky neighbors, thus, keeping your personal space at that.
trellis in garden
purple flowers on trellis
dining table in garden
Permeable Surface
The key to a well-designed backyard is to use a permeable surface to cover the earth below. Apart from making the landscape better, it aids water to drain into the surface below, providing you with a natural water source if there is an underlying impermeable rock.
garden watering cans
grab bars ladde
Elegant Patios
Construct a patio immediately outside your bedroom or kitchen. Merge the garden and the bedroom with a tiled area or create a level using steps. This will save on space as well as enhance the look of the exterior.
formal garden
plants with view into bedroom
Intricate décor and thick walls are a big no-no, and are sure to confine the space even more. Instead, keep the décor simple; use elements that will breathe space into the area. Most importantly, remember to balance out the cold hardscape area with warmer, soft landscaping.
backyard deck
white bench
mexican chimenea
old oven in the garden
miniature windmill
ornamental garden
stone landscaping
front garden