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Hanging Tomato Planter

Rutuja Jathar Jun 6, 2019
Upside-down planters have been considered as a solution for space problems that may occur in your garden. Read on to know more.
A hanging tomato planter is the latest addition that you can do in your vegetable garden. All you need to do is to find a spot where plants can get direct sunlight. There are various brands of gardening tools that have launched their special range of hanging planters. If you don't want to use such ready-to-use products, you can also make one at home.

Steps to Create an Upside-down Planter at Home

Growing tomatoes at home is tough and needs heavy maintenance. Even if you provide the maintenance, there is no guarantee to get desired results. This fact can deter amateur gardeners. Secondly, when you try growing tomatoes in the ground, you need to protect them from soil-borne plant diseases. Using hanging planters you get larger and riper tomatoes.


  • A hanging planter
  • A hole saw
  • Potting soil
  • Landscaping fabric
  • Tomato plant


  • First make a hole in the bottom of the planter, large enough to feed water to the plant. Cut a piece of landscaping fabric, to cover the bottom of the pot.
  • You need this fabric to prevent the soil from draining. Then, cut a shape in the form of "X" in the landscaping fabric. Size of this "X" should be large enough to pass the tomato root ball through it.
  • Then, place it upside down and feed the plant inside (in upward direction). Now, fill it with potting soil. Place the plant in soil in such a way that only its roots should be inside the soil. This is an important lesson of container gardening.
  • Lastly, you need to tamp the soil around the roots and water the plant as you would normally do.


If you are not sure about making it at home, then the best solution would be to purchase one. Some popular brands are: Topsy-Turvy Upside-Down Tomato Planter, Hanging Tomato Plant in Woven Planter by Bright Delights, Hanging Tomato Basket by Target, Plug 'N Gro Hanging Planter, Little Yellow House GROW KITS * 2 Cherry Tomato Hanging Garden Bag Planters, etc.
While choosing, you need to make sure that the planters have a sunlight-absorbing outer shell. The outer shell absorbs sunlight and creates warmth for the roots and soil. You should also need to be sure that it is secured with a tough twine or rope. This is an important thing to consider while you're making the same at home too.
Choosing the best product is a relatively easy gardening job and if you also want to have some fresh and homegrown tomatoes, then these planters are worth a try!