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Hanging Flower Pots

Rimlee Bhuyan Apr 28, 2019
One of the best ways to decorate a balcony or porch is by hanging flower pots. They can be used to beautify your home. Read for more information on the same.
If you are an avid gardener, and have a scarcity of space to have a garden, or a lack of space to place flower pots in the house or on the balcony, then container gardening is a good option that you can try. One way to do this is by hanging flower pots.
These are not only space savers, but also look great. It is not necessary to hang these flower pots outside your home; they can be hung indoors, as well. They give a very nice look to a balcony and porch.

Selecting the Right Pots for Your Home

Select the right size and design of the pots. They are available in materials like plastic, ceramic, or terracotta. Concrete is not a preferred option, as it makes the pots too heavy to be hung.
Many come with a saucer fitted at the bottom to drain excess water. Flower pots are traditionally vase-shaped, but there are many nowadays, that are shaped like bowls or even animals. You can group them together and hang them up, to create a flower pot chandelier.
It is also very easy to make hanging flower baskets. Purchase a normal mesh basket and line it with natural fiber liner before adding soil. Attach three wires to secure it to the wall bracket. Use potting soil to fill up the pots, and make sure that there is a hole in the bottom of the pot for drainage.

Selecting the Right Flowers

For container gardening, you need to choose the right varieties of plants that will thrive in the pots and bloom for at least one season.
Flowering plants that are ideal for hanging in pots are calibrachoa (which blooms in pink, orange, and light-yellow), snapdragon, verbena flower, geranium, petunia, swan river daisy, and begonia.
You can create a bold display by putting flowers in bright colors, together--like hot-pink geraniums and bright-yellow swan river daisies. If you want mellow, pastel-colored blooms, then choose flowers such as verbena and wax begonias.
Exotic flowers like butterfly orchids, paired with asparagus fern, create a stunning visual impact.

Selecting the Right Location

After selecting the flowers that you want to plant, you have to determine where to place the pots. The columns in your balcony are great for installing these pots. Always make sure that the hanging pots are placed high enough, so that you do not bump your head into them.
They should not be hung in entryways. You should make sure that you secure the bracket or chain of the pot to a stud. However, the stud has to be able to bear the weight of the pot, as well as the soil and plant inside. If you decide to place these flower pots inside your home, you can hang them from a bracket secured to the wall.
Make sure that you hang these pots in a place that receives plenty of sunshine. Also, water them regularly. Flower pots hung on walls make for a stunning addition to any home and are visually appealing.