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Fabulous Ideas for Hanging Flower Baskets to Liven Up Your Space

Hanging Flower Basket Ideas
Hanging flower basket are a great way to beautify your gardens or porches and you can maintain beautiful blooms of same or different color in a single planter. With a little planning and imagination, you can come up with fabulous ideas for hanging flower baskets. Read this Gardenerdy article to know more.
Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
Plants and flowers are primary elements in decorating a room or for that matter any part of the house. When it comes to flowers in hanging baskets, they are excellent for keeping in porches, balconies, and spare areas in the garden.
With simple tips, you can convert an empty space into a beautiful and relaxing hanging flower garden that everybody will adore. All you need are some creative flower basket ideas and basic gardening skills for healthy growth and maintenance of the plants.
Ideas for Hanging Flower Baskets
Starting a garden with flowers maintained in hanging baskets is no different from growing a regular flower garden. The only thing is to select the best containers and flowers that are suited for the purpose. If you already know how to make hanging flower baskets, maintaining beautiful blooms in a specific arrangement is just a few steps way. Hanging baskets ideas concerning pot type, basket size, planting pattern, and flower options are highlighted below.
Select Hanging Baskets
From regular plastic containers to wire baskets and copper baskets, you will find different choices in the container gardening supply stores. Of these, wire mesh baskets are considered the best, in terms of design versatility and cost. If you use wire baskets, you can grow flowering plants in the center as well as on the sides of the planters. For such planter options, you will need a natural and plastic liner for the pots.
Hanging Basket Size
Choose large-sized hanging baskets or planters. In fact, the bigger the basket, the more attractive it will look in the porch or desk. The advantages of using a larger hanging basket are its ability to hold many plants in a single container, lesser watering frequency, and easy maintenance of the plants. The only concern is requirement of a strong support structure, as a larger pot filled with soil will be very heavy.
Correct Soil Preparation
Successful application of hanging flower basket ideas largely depends on the planting medium, i.e., potting mixture. For hanging flower baskets, it is ideal to use lightweight, peat-based, and soil free potting media sold in nursery centers. Specially used for filling hanging baskets, the soil-less mix contains water holding crystals. If not added already, you can supplement with crystals and some amount of loam or humus.
Grouping Flowering Plants
You can plant same flowering plants in the container or create variety with a mix of vibrant colored flowers. Another tip is to plant a flowering species and surround it with ornamental foliage plants on the sides. This will create a green background for the bright colored flowers. Likewise, you can think of other creative ideas for hanging flower baskets.
Select Flowering Plants
The most important phase when it comes to using hanging pots is, choosing the right variety of flowering plants. These baskets have a limited space which may not be suitable for certain varieties which grow to a large extent with time. Another thing to be kept in mind is, only those plants that need same growing conditions can be grouped together in a container. Like for instance; you can group lobelia, coleus, and impatiens for shade plantation. In case of planting in partial shade to full sunlight, licorice, sweet potato, vine and petunia flowers can be grown together.
So, this was all about hanging flower basket ideas, which you can consider while creating a hanging flower cluster in your porch. If you don't have a green thumb, start with growing similar plants, instead of grouping many varieties in a single container. By doing so, you will have less hurdles in watering, fertilizing, and caring for the houseplants. Once you become familiar with the basic caring instructions for hanging flower baskets, you can experiment with variant plants.
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