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Growing Sunflowers: Tips and Advice

Truly Useful Tips And Wise Words of Advice on Growing Sunflowers

Growing sunflowers is very easy. Here are a few tips and advice for the same.
Rita Putatunda
Last Updated: Aug 30, 2018
Field Of Sunflowers Italy
Sunflowers can be easily cultivated from seedlings as well as seeds. Ranging in size from 2 to 12 feet, they come in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes to suit any kind of garden, small or large.
Close Up Of Sunflowers
They can be grown practically anywhere, and by anyone. The brilliant blooms of the sunflower can light up any garden they are grown in. Hence, here are some tips and advice about growing sunflowers.
Choosing the Variety of Sunflowers
Surprisingly, sunflowers come in a wide range of colors, from white to maroon, apart from the ever-popular yellow or golden hue that we are all familiar with. In fact, some varieties even have two colors, with rings of bright red or orange around the flower head.
Music Box
Growing up to 28 inches, this is regarded as a dwarf variety. They come in creams and yellows, which you can mix together. They are also great for growing in containers.
Italian White
Flowers of this variety are cream-colored and small, and look very cheerful. At full growth, they are about 4 feet in height, and can be staked easily. These are wonderful to be grown in a corner of your yard or garden.
Teddy Bear
Growing to just 18 inches in height, these sunflowers have a full appearance. They are great for planting in large-sized pots or patios, and perfect for growing in small-sized apartments where there is limited space.
Autumn Mix
The colors of this variety range from rust to yellow, and at full growth, they can be more than 6 feet in height. The flower heads can be as large as 5-6 inches in width.
Large Sunflower Varieties
Sunflowers South Of France
There are many large varieties you can choose from, like Mammoth, Kong, and Russian Giants. These can grow up to 15 feet in height, and their heads can be up to 20 inches in diameter. Of course, these will require more space, but they are well worth it.
Tips and Advice for Growing Sunflowers
  • One of the basic tips is that these plants need to be planted in an area that gets full sunlight.
  • It's a good idea to soak the sunflower seeds in some warm water, the night before planting them.
  • They should be planted after the last frost in the area you live in.
  • The seeds should be planted 6-inch distance apart, and at the depth of 1 inch. After planting, make sure to water the soil well.
  • The sunflower seedlings generally germinate in a couple of weeks, and reach maturity in 80 to 90 days.
  • Since they flower earlier, 4-inch peat pots that are placed indoors, can be used to start the planting of the taller varieties.
  • Generally, seedlings need to be thinned at a distance of 12-18 inches. However, if they are grown in containers, they can be planted closer together.
  • The roots of some varieties grow down deep, and also spread wide. Hence, make sure to use a container that is large enough.
  • The large varieties of sunflower plants may require staking.
  • The soil in the containers needs to be kept moist. Plus, it needs to be fertilized every two weeks with ½ strength liquid organic fertilizer.
  • Sunflower plants require plenty of water. However, care must be taken not to over-water them, because that can result in deformed seed heads. The soil you use should be well-drained, and yet kept evenly moist.
Sunflowers In A Rustic Style
Hence these tips will ensure that you get a healthy, lively display of sunflowers in your garden. You may also choose from the unusual varieties suggested, to add some color.