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Growing Pumpkins for Profit

Medha Godbole May 4, 2019
Growing pumpkins for profit is an activity which is practiced by many people in USA. It is actually a fantastic money making activity to be practiced during autumn. Get detailed information about how to grow this jack-o'-lantern vegetable.
Be it art, decoration, or food, pumpkin is always a great choice. It can be cooked into delicious dishes like pies and cookies or can be carved into the famous jack-o'-lantern. Growing pumpkins is not a tough ask. If you have a stretch of land and know the proper growing techniques, you're good to go.

Target Customers

Analyze who could be your potential customers and what might be your medium to reach them. Will it be you who would be retailing or would you wholesale them to a dealer? Conduct a small market research to know whether you will get buyers for the pumpkins.

What Type of Pumpkin

There are many varieties of pumpkin. Check out the best seller amongst them and which variety is sought after. The customers might need pumpkins for some specific reasons. Consequently, they would need pumpkins of a particular shape, size, and color.
For example, some pumpkin varieties are best for jack-o'-lantern purposes, while some are more suitable for consumption. While choosing the seeds, also consider the climate and soil they will be planted in.

Pick a location

Picking a location does not mean that you plant them in any random spot. Choose a spot where there is good sunlight and the soil is good. It should not be constricted either, as pumpkin vines need a good amount of space to flourish.


To have the correct and suitable conditions for growing pumpkin, seeding should be done before the pumpkin season. It has to be done earlier as pumpkins need at least 3 months to grow. A warm and frost free weather is conducive for pumpkin farming.


Once you plant the seeds and see the creepers growing, prune them as you want the vines to grow. This way the vines would not go too much out of the designated area. Another point is to see to it that it grows harmoniously with other plants.

Pricing and Marketing

As pumpkins grow, decide a marketing strategy to sell them. By word of mouth or newspaper insertion, it could be anything. Price the crops smartly. Decide if you will sell them in a farmer's market or have people come down to your property or sell it yourself on a street corner.
All these things will certainly ensure success in your venture of growing pumpkins for profit. There is a considerable amount of money involved in this business if you put a bit of serious thought into it. You would have great earnings on Thanksgiving, Halloween, and other festive days.