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Methods of Growing Potatoes in Bags

Vipul Lovekar Nov 20, 2018
Compared to any other method, growing potatoes in bags is very easy and interesting too. This information is about how to grow potatoes in bags. Read ahead...
Many farmers prefer to grow potatoes in the field. But if you are city dweller, even a little bit of land becomes a rarity. Growing potatoes in bags is your answer. (you can also grow them in a potato tub).

How to Grow Potatoes in Bags

Get a bag of compost. Properly empty it in a place where it can be stored for a long time. This is because potatoes wouldn't need all the compost at once. Cut the compost bag properly because this is where your potatoes will be growing. Next, you roll the top of the bag below the half way mark.
This shall give support to whatever compost that you are going to put in it. Don't roll it all the way down because that wouldn't be of any use. Put a small layer of compost at the bottom of the bag. Now place some seed potatoes on top of this freshly put compost layer. Two or three seed potatoes will do.
Now cover these seed potatoes with another layer of compost and water it for a while. See that it does not get wet too much. It only has to be adequately moist. After a few days (maybe a week), you will see that there is a shoot coming out of the compost. The time interval may depend on the weather.
Once these shoots come out, you need to add some more compost to the bag so that they are completely covered again. Well, if you need to unroll the bag, do it just so slightly. Again moist the compost just so that the newly formed shoots may sustain. Again allow these potatoes to grow.
Until now, we have been repeating about not soaking the compost. But do not let it dry out as well. In every gardening container, you shall find that the material in it dries very quickly when compared with actual ground. As water is needed for any life to grow, you will need to moist the compost every now and then. (We recommend it once a day.)
This way you will keep a close watch on potatoes also. When the potato plants mature, you will see that they have distinctly come out of the bag and they can no more be called shoots. In some cases, they become quite big also. Wait for them to flower.
Once they have finished flowering, your baby potatoes in the compost bag should be ready. If you want your potatoes to be grown, then you can wait for a week or so for them to grow.
Now that you have taken out the big plump potatoes, what will you do with the leftover compost? Well, spread it over your vegetable garden.
Do not use the same compost again for new potatoes. This will not only spread diseases in potatoes, but your efforts will also be wasted. Growing potatoes in bags is not such a difficult task after all, right! All you need is patience and good care for the vegetable.
When you have home-grown potatoes, the satisfaction you will get is unparalleled. Hope that the mentioned tips for planting potatoes are satisfactory and will help you grow some lovely potatoes.