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Growing Grapes at Home

Vipul Lovekar Oct 28, 2018
Grapes can be grown at home provided care is taken of certain factors during the process. These are the proper instructions for growing them.
There are a number of varieties of grapes. The method and time taken for growing the plant will vary according to the type of grapevine you choose. Given below is a generalized way to grow grapes at home.


You have to decide the climate to grow grapes. They can't be grown in extreme condition and need the right climate. Frost can cause problems to the grapes; hence, the grapevines should not be planted in winter. Planting a grapevine should be done when the climate is constantly warm as the fruits require proper sunlight to ripen. Plant them in early spring.


Soil provides most nutrients. It must be chosen to retain maximum water.  Roots of grapevine grow three to six feet from the plant base. Other plantation to be grown should be at eight feet from grapevines. It is important while growing them from seeds or rootstock.


Grapevines require a lot of moisture. If they seem too dry, soak the rootstock in water if required; do not soak them for more than a day to avoid the danger of rotting. Also, do not leave them out in the open for more than a day―the grapevine may dry.


When grapevines are young, proper watering is important. The plants should be watered at least twice a day. This allows roots to settle. While watering the plant when it is old enough, extra water should be drained, else the plant may get diseases.


Observe leaves of the plant to ensure that grapevine gets proper nutrients. The leaves should be dark green. If the color starts fading, add fertilizers. There are chemical-based fertilizers in the market, but you can use compost. Add 5-6 inches compost to the soil for the required nutrients.


Trellis is important when grapevine  grows old. It is like a latticework as support for climbing plants. Grapevines grow different heights in different seasons. In winter, short trellis can do, but in summer they have to be large. Making plant follow the trellis needs patience.


Pruning the vines in the right way is important. It is recommended to prune them during spring. If pruned early, especially in winter, the buds might get damaged due to frost. The additional shoots should also be pruned as well.


In olden times, the grapes' richness in color determined their ripeness. Nowadays, readymade kits are available in the market that help you determine the ripeness of the fruits.
Although all these tasks require constant efforts and patience, the entire experience will be worthwhile once the vines bear fruit.