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How to Grow Calla Lilies

Bidisha Mukherjee Aug 20, 2019
Calla lilies are strong and sturdy plants, therefore, growing them in your garden or even as houseplants is not a difficult task. These instructions will help you grow these low maintenance flowers.
Calla lilies are native to southern parts of Africa. Homeowners prefer growing these flowers as they are low on maintenance, and are available in various colors.
They enhance the beauty of the surroundings they are planted in. These flowers grow very well in warm and humid weather, as calla lilies hail from tropical climates. Tips on growing this flower in your home are presented ahead.


Select a Location

Select an area that receives ample amount of sunlight, especially in the morning. The location should be partially shaded in order to provide protection against the midday heat, as the flowers tend to get stressed due to direct exposure to the afternoon sun.

Soil Preparation

Select the correct soil and prepare it well. This plant grows in almost all types of soil provided it is loose and well drained and the climate is humid. These flowers grow well in moist soils, so if there is a pond in your garden, then plant calla lilies near it. Wet, sandy soil which is slightly acidic in nature is ideal for proper growth of these plants.

Planting the Tubers

The ideal time to plant the bulbs or tubers is during spring. Make sure that the tubers you plant are dry. They need to placed at least about 4 inches into the soil, to ensure that the tubers get maximum moisture.
Remember to place the pointed end of the tuber in the upward direction. Maintain a gap of 12 to 14 inches between two bulbs. Once you have finished planting, saturate the soil with water.


Water the tubers frequently until the shoots appear. Make sure that the soil is moist but not soaked in water. Adding a layer of mulch will help the soil retain maximum moisture.
Mulching also keeps the growth of weeds at bay. During the growing season, fertilizer should be added to the soil once a month. With this kind of care, the flowers will start to bloom within 2 months.


✓ Plant the bulbs in rich potting soil, during the later part of the winter. This should be followed by watering the soil with warm water.

✓ Keep the container in a warm, shaded area of your house until the shoots start to appear. During this period, the soil should be watered well, so that it remains moist.
✓ As the plant grows, it should be exposed to sun, so place the pot near a window.

✓ Re-potting the lily once a year is important, as the soil tends to get exhausted after a growing season.
Calla lilies are beautiful flowers that help beautify the surroundings. Care for your plants well by keeping the soil fertilized and damp.