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Facts about Golden Pothos

Utterly Amazing Facts About Golden Pothos

One of the commonly found houseplants, golden pothos is very easy to grow. When grown indoors, this plant is believed to act as an air purifier.
Sonia Nair
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
When it comes to the choice of houseplants, there are so many options. Even though we like plants with attractive features, most of us have a tendency to prefer sturdy ones, which do not require much care. One such non-messy houseplant is golden pothos, that is known by many other names, like devil's ivy, centipede tongavine, Solomon Islands' Ivy, money plant, etc. Golden pothos is a variety of pothos plant (Epipremnum aureum). There are many other varieties like jade pothos with green leaves, marble queen pothos with white variegation on green leaves, etc. As the name rightly suggests, golden pothos has golden-yellow designs on the leaves. It is said that this plant is native to Solomon Islands, and some parts of southeast Asia.
  • Golden pothos is a vine having green stems that produce heart-shaped leaves with golden variegation.
  • As houseplants, their leaves are found to have a maximum length of around five inches. In their natural habitat, adult golden pothos has leaves that can be as long as 20 inches.
  • If these plants are allowed to grow on trees, they may grow large and develop big leaves.
  • Even the golden color on the leaves develop, only if the plant is healthy and hearty. Otherwise, you may find only green leaves on your golden pothos.
  • Even though they originate from a tropical habitat, golden pothos plants are found to get adapted to a wide range of growing conditions, and this makes it one of the common houseplants.
  • Another advantage of this plant is that, it can be grown in hanging baskets, on tree trunks, as a ground covering, can be grown upright with stakes, or as a stand alone potted plant on a desk.
How to Take Care of Golden Pothos
As far as golden pothos is concerned, you have to take care of certain factors, like light, water, trimming, etc. While too much direct sunlight can cause dropping of leaves, partial sun or bright indirect light will be good for the plant. You may also provide your golden pothos with one or two hours of bright sunlight. Those growing in low light conditions may not have the yellow variegation in the leaves. Over watering may sometimes cause root and stem rot. So it is always better to water the plant thoroughly, once a week, or when required. If the soil gets dry, the leaves will become rubbery. During winters, this plant requires less water. It will be beneficial to mist the plant once a week, so as to keep the humidity level high.

Another aspect of golden pothos care is feeding, which can be done once a month, using a commercial plant fertilizer. In case of indoor plants,trimming has to be done at frequent intervals, to keep the plant bushy.Propagation is usually done with stem cuttings planted in rooting medium. Roots may form in water too. Plant the rooted cuttings in pots with well-drained soil. Repotting can be done during the spring. Golden pothos is normally found to be resistant to bugs and diseases. Wiping the leaves with a damp cloth, once a week will be beneficial to ward off insects.
In short, golden pothos can be a best addition to your garden. It is a non-messy plant, with minimal requirements. Another advantage of this plant is that, it is said to have air cleaning properties, and so, are preferred for indoors.