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Gnat Infestation

Get Rid of the Worrisome Gnat Infestation Now! Here's How To

Gnat infestation is very irritating and it seems like your home and sanity is being taken over by these insects that are multiplying every second. We will help you get rid of these pests in your homes and gardens and win back your property and peace of mind.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Jul 3, 2018
Gnats are pestiferous organisms that invade your homes during summer. There are many types of these insects that are basically harmless, but very irritating.
The most annoying thing about these pesky creatures is their constant buzzing and hovering over your head that drives you insane. They are also known as vinegar flies, as they are attracted to everything that smells rotten.
If your house is teaming with small, black insects that fly and are a bit smaller than mosquitoes, then you have an infestation of gnats in home. These pests are the biggest fans of fungus and love moisture. So, they are found hovering over extra-ripe peaches, bananas, tomatoes, potatoes, over-watered potted plants, and trash bins.
If you want to get rid of infestation of gnats in your home, then make sure that you keep all your fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. Do not over-water your indoor plants and drain excess water from the pots and trays over which they are kept.
Cover your trash bins with lids, and get rid of all the decaying and rotten food over and under the kitchen counter. The other easy way to get rid of them is by arming yourself with insect sprays and fly swatters. If you are carrying out composting in your home, keep the composting bin outside the house. This will keep the gnats outside to some extent.
Fungus Gnats
Infestation of fungus gnats is a very serious issue that causes a lot of damage to your plants. It results in hundreds of eggs begin laid in the soil. These give birth to larvae that eat up the roots, thus damaging the plant.
Fungal gnats love moisture too, and are common invaders of greenhouses and indoor houseplants. The fungal gnat larvae leaves a trail of slimy goo that attracts snails and slugs. If you observe a sudden spurt of snail or slug population, it proves you have a fungal gnat problem.
In order to get rid of the fungal gnats, use yellow sticky traps that are placed horizontally on the soil surface. The females are captured in this trap before they can lay eggs.
You may even try incorporating Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis (Bti) liquid drench in the soil to kill the larvae. This is a very useful remedy, as it kills the larvae without damaging the plants.
You may also try using liquid fly traps that are available at many garden supply stores. It consists of a fly attractant powder in a container that is to be filled with water so that the flies are attracted into it. They fly into the container towards sure death.
These are just a few remedies for getting rid of infestation of gnats. The main thing to be remembered is that these insects love moisture and the smell of rotten organic matter. Thus, keep your surroundings clean by getting rid of dead decaying plant matter, food in kitchen, overripe fruits and vegetables, etc.
Your surroundings should be kept dry, so do not water your plants excessively. Follow these preventive measures and free yourself from the nettlesome and pesky infestation of gnats.