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Glass Deck Railing Ideas

Komal Bakhru Jan 29, 2019
A stylish looking deck or patio could work wonders for your home, and adding a nice railing to it, would only make it better. Today take a look at some glass railing options for the deck.
Having a railing on the deck of any home would mostly serve two purposes. One adding the aesthetic value, and the second, that of safety. Rather obviously, if something acts as an addition for reasons like the former, it better look good, but why not have it look good even if it very simply is there to act as a medium of safety and security in your home.
All that apart, here's the deal when it comes to deck railing ideas. There are so many materials to pick from when looking to accentuate your deck or patio. Today, get an idea, very specifically about glass railing options for the deck.

Ideas for Glass Decks

Whenever considering glass decks, the best material to consider working with is tempered glass. Here's why... A tempered glass provides higher levels of safety as opposed to other types of glass. Also, what better incentive to choose a glass deck, than the fact that it doesn't obstruct the pleasant view that you could have from your deck.
What's more, you could get these customized done to suit your taste and specifications. Yet another advantage with tempered glass is that even if it breaks, it does not shatter, thus making it a safer alternative. Now moving on to the more appealing part, which comprises the variety of looks one can opt for.

Clear Glass

The first option you can use is of clear glass. Undoubtedly, this sounds neither novel, nor look fancy, but that really is the point of opting for this one. Keeping it simple! In fact, the use of absolutely basic clear glass would be ideal in situations where your deck overlooks an amplitude of nature and greenery.

Tinted Glass

The option of using tinted glass for the panels is perfect when trying to avoid situations of birds hitting the glass. Another advantage that comes with using tinted glass, is the fact that it offers semi-privacy, thus making it ideal if you would like to work with a little bit of privacy even in an open space.

Frosted Glass

Possibly the most appealing of all the given options, frosted glass has a charm of its own. The other option is also that of using some etched glass. Resorting to using this option would add a certain value to the railing systems, like no other would.
Apart from very simply using a variety of glass for the panels, you could also use various shapes and combine them with different materials for the banisters. Using banisters or balustrades of different materials such as wood, metal, or marble and stone would create an interesting look. Let your creativity flow, and create a look that defines you.


Moving on to the price factor, railing prices tend to fluctuate a good deal. You could find something that is priced a little on the higher side, and then there are options which are cheaper. Occasionally it can go up to as much as $30 to $50 per linear foot, but for some people, the price may be well worth the returns.
Imagine a view that is almost priceless, thanks to this. It basically qualifies as expensive mostly because of the comparison of this material, as opposed to something like wood or metal which are undoubtedly cheaper options.
Now that you know what the difference between glass and other options is, you could go ahead and decide what works best for you. A suggestion though, if you think you can afford glass, you have an absolute winner, that's almost certain!