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Gazebo Designs

Aastha Dogra Feb 12, 2019
Gazebo designs should be selected carefully, keeping things such as the budget, shape of the garden they are being installed in, and the look that one desires to create through them, in mind. Read on for some useful tips on choosing the right one for your garden.
So you are planning on adding a gazebo to your garden? It's a good choice considering that they are an ideal place to relax under the shade with your friends and family, while enjoying the outdoors at the same time.
They have a great ornamental value as well and you will see that the moment they are installed in your patio, it will have an all together different look and a unique feel to it.
When deciding on a gazebo for your garden landscaping, you should pay special attention to the designs and plans. You should choose the one which looks attractive, is durable, and meets your purpose.
There are three important things, which you should consider while selecting gazebo designs. Firstly, the plans that you choose should match and complement your garden. Secondly, they should be in accordance with your personal liking. Lastly, they should fit in your budget.

For a Perfect Shape

The octagon shaped gazebo is what majority of the people opt for. A fourteen feet octagon is ideal, which easily accommodates six people, with enough space to move about. Still, if you plan a hot tub or a pool, get rectangle or square plans.

For Durability

Since you are investing a good amount of money in installing a gazebo, use materials which are long-lasting such as wood and aluminum.
The structure should have a very strong base, roof, and side poles. Preferably go in for the ones which come with an enclosed roof, as such structures keep the harsh weather conditions at bay.

For a Royal Touch

When it comes to design plans, the one which comes in a Victorian style is perhaps the most popular these days. Victorian gazebos are mostly made of wood, although they can even be constructed from bricks and stones.
They can lend a very classy and elegant look to any garden they are installed in. Some of them come with built-in ramps, stairs, and benches while others are simply basic structures with a roof, floor, and railing. To add a royal English touch to them, a good idea is to hang potted flowers and add climbing plants all around it.

For an Understated Look

For those of you with budget constraints, or those who wish to keep things simple and modern, metal designs which come with four posts, a roof, and a floor will serve the purpose. You can add a few chairs and tables and a few potted plants to enhance the overall look.

For Relaxation

Gazebos which house a hot tub or a pool, provide the right venue and atmosphere for relaxation. When it comes to gazebo designs for hot tubs or pools, there are two options, i.e. fully enclosed and open air.
One of the most popular open air pool designs is the one which comes with lattice panels on the sides. Of course, you will need to add lots of tall plants on all the sides to maintain your privacy. As far as the fully enclosed ones are concerned, the wooden ones made from pine or cedar wood and which come with windows and screens are a good choice.
Here's hoping that these suggestions are useful to you. Although adding a gazebo may seem like a big investment initially, but the kind of relaxation and entertainment avenues it provides is worth the price!