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Amazing Ideas for Gazebo Curtains

Rutuja Jathar Dec 11, 2018
Curtains and screens play a huge role in decorating outdoor gazebos. Read next, and find out how to go about choosing the perfect curtains.
Most people, especially those who are lucky to have a significant outdoor space, often incorporate various garden decorating ideas. One of the most popular and beautiful ideas are romantic gazebos. A gazebo is just a freestanding pavilion structure, utilized for relaxing in the garden, with a little bit of privacy.
Various other freestanding structures like pagoda, kiosk, folly, pergola, alambra, belvederes, rotunda, etc., are also considered as gazebo structures. Installing and decorating them is not a challenging task; a layman too can do it quite easily. You can amplify their beauty by simply adding some nice curtains.

How to Make Gazebo Curtains

Whether you have got those free gazebo plans from the Internet, or you have built the gazebo on your own, you can easily install curtains and include their appeal. According to many people, purchasing those ready-to-install curtains is the best option. But you can also make them on your own.


First of all, you need to determine the amount of fabric that you would need. This can be easily determined by measuring height and width of the gazebo.
  • As far as the length of the curtains is concerned, you need to buy fabric that is 3 inches longer than the measured height of the gazebo. From these extra 3 inches, 1 inch will be needed for the bottom hem, and 2 inches will be required for the top pocket of the gazebo curtain panels.
  • For the width, the fabric that you purchase should be one and a half times longer than the actual width, plus additional 1 inch on both sides for hemming.

Method of Sewing

Always use straight and vertical seams throughout the sewing length of the fabric.
  • First, sew a 2 inch deep curtain pocket throughout the length of the top side of the fabric. You can increase the length of the pocket, if you use thick curtain rods.
  • You also need to add 1 inch hem at the sides and bottom.
Once you are done with sewing, all you need to do is attach the curtain to the rod on top of the inside frame of the gazebo. You can also create more decorative additions, like adding hooks, Velcro panels, and decorative panels that are easily available on the market.

Decoration with Curtains

You can always decorate a gazebo in the most creative and easy manner, by opting for some affordable, natural, and creative patio cover ideas.
  • You can use arbors to cover three sides, and then cover the opening of the gazebo with curtains. You can use orchids, roses, and other such fragrant flower vines, or lush, evergreen trellis to make the arbor.
  • You can also use beautiful, waterproof sails to create a unique type of covering. In fact, they are also said to be useful for a gazebo with a fireplace inside.
  • Another interesting type are the netted curtains. These can be attached to various structures, let them be made of bricks, stones, wood, or exquisite screens.

Easy-to-install Camelot Gazebo Curtains

These are designs suitable for using on occasional basis, as they are replaceable. They may be used specially for an outdoor party, kids' birthday party, wedding reception, and other social get-togethers. They are made of durable and waterproof materials like canvas, and are also available in various colors and designs.
They are quite affordable and attractive too. However, you should not use these if you are thinking of incorporating plans with hot tub, spa, a small swimming pool, ponds, or other such permanent additions inside the structures. You can get these at the nearest home improvement stores.
Average cost of such plans may cost you somewhere around USD 240, while that of curtains is somewhere around USD 25, which is much affordable. Blue, royal blue, stark white, ivory, light green, light orange, beige and white, sheer white, sheer light blue, etc., are some popular colors for outdoor curtains.
Opt for materials that are waterproof and resistant to mold, mildew, and color fading. Some popular materials are, duck-coated and vinyl-coated sheers and canvas. Their prices are affordable if you install them yourself. If you want to use curtain replacement models, that come with matching curtains and canopies, then you certainly need to pay more.