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The Ultimate Showdown: Gas Vs. Electric Lawn Mower

Gas Vs. Electric Lawn Mower
If you're planning to buy a lawn mower for your backyard, then you should take a moment to consider if an electric or a gasolene-powered lawn mower is the right one for you. Gardenerdy enlists the pros and cons of each type. Take a look!
Mukulika Mukherjee
Last Updated: Mar 4, 2018
Did You Know?
The first lawnmower was invented by Edwin Budding during the beginning of the 19th century. Today, close to 38 million lawn mowers are in use in the U.S.!
Mowing is an essential part of caring for your lawn and keeping it beautiful. There are two common types of lawn mowers―electric lawn mowers and gas lawn mowers, and both have their own share of pros and cons. A third type exists and it is the push lawn mower. Electric lawn mowers are further classified into two types―cordless and corded lawn mowers.

What you choose depends on a number of factors, including convenience of use and your personal preference. While one is less expensive, the other is easier to use. In other words, each one comes with its own benefits.
Difference Between Gas and Electric Lawn Mowers
Gas and electric lawn mower
Are you finding it difficult to make a decision as to which lawn mower to go for? Well, you're advised to weigh the pros and cons beforehand. Here we shall compare the two, based on the important parameters.
Noise Emission
● Gas lawn mowers are loud, because of the firing of the internal combustion engine of the mower.
● Electric lawn mowers are relatively much quieter, because they run on an electric motor that emits less noise. Hence, they cause very less noise pollution.
Storage and Maintenance
● Gas lawn mowers are difficult to maintain, because you have to rush to a gas station at frequent intervals for fuel refills. Even the cost of maintenance is higher because of the price of fuel. Also, gas lawn mowers are bulky, and require a lot of storage space.
● Electric lawn mowers are fuss-free and hardly require any maintenance. Most of them have retractable handles, which makes it easier to store them, as they occupy a smaller storage space.
Initial Cost
● Gas lawn mowers are generally less expensive.
● Electric lawn mowers tend to be more expensive.

However, the initial cost can vary widely depending on the features present.
Effect on the Environment
● Gas mowers emit carbon dioxide and other gases formed as a result of combustion of fuel.
● Electric mowers, with zero emissions, are environment friendly.
● Gas lawn mowers have high mobility because they do not require to be connected to a power source.
● Corded electric lawn mowers have very low mobility because they need to be plugged in during use. However, cordless mowers have solved this problem to some extent, as they operate with chargeable batteries.
Area of the Lawn
● Gas mowers are ideal for larger lawns with a total area of more than one-third of an acre.
● Electric mowers are more suitable for small lawns.
● Gas lawn mowers are better equipped to cut tough grass, and also run for a longer time. Also, they are better-equipped to pickup clippings.
● Electric lawn mowers have a short running time, and are not meant for use on tough grass. They are not efficient in picking up clippings.
● Gas lawn mowers are relatively safe.
● Electric lawn mowers may cause electrocution if used over an area that has accumulated water. Also, the ones with cords may cause you to trip and fall.
● Gas lawn mowers are heavier due to the weight of the internal combustion engine.
● Electric lawn mowers are lighter, since motors are not as heavy as IC engines.
● Gas lawn mowers are difficult to use, as they are heavy and take a longer time to start. Also, you need to check for the level of gasolene before you begin with the task of mowing the lawn.
● Electric lawn mowers are easier to use, as they are lightweight and can be started at the push of a button.
So, we know that both electric as well as gas lawn mowers have their own share of advantages and disadvantages. So, which one would you choose?
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