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Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Nov 7, 2018
Suitable for trimming large diameter branches, gas powered hedge trimmers are perfect for covering larger garden yards. Regarding the drawbacks, they are heavier and more expensive than other trimmers.
When it comes to maintaining and grooming a garden, trimming shrubs and hedges are as important as planting the right plants, flowers, and lawns. Doing this at the right time and right place complements the texture and beauty of the landscape design.
For this purpose, garden trimmers are most sought after equipment, which can be operated either manually with pruning shears or automatically with powered versions.
For using conventional pruning shears, familiarity with the garden tool is very important to ensure safety. Whereas even a beginner can use a powered one by following the manufacturer's guidelines. Based on the operation mode, they are basically of two types, namely, electronic and gas.
Each of these two models has its own sets of benefits and drawbacks. For example, an electric model requires a cord for power connection, while a gas model is cordless and is suitable for covering large garden areas.

An Overview

These trimmers are used for trimming branches, with a diameter of ¾ inch or more. The blade type may be reciprocating or non-reciprocating. The former has two blades working in opposite directions, which allow branch cutting smoothly, giving a clean cut surface. Non-reciprocating blade, consists of only one blade and gives a shredded appearance.
Some models have translucent fuel tanks, so that the status of the fuel can be monitored before starting the trimming process. Thus, you can make sure that fuel does not run out in the middle of the process. Whatever be the type, they should be operated properly by following basic tree trimming tips and using safety gears (gloves and protective goggles).

Pros and Cons

Compared to electric variants, gas powered trimmers offer more power for heavy  trimming. These are cordless, thus useful for large gardens. For cutting branches of a large diameter, most garden enthusiasts prefer these, rather than  electronic ones having low cut capacity. They can be used safely in a wet environment, which is not so for electronic type.
Speaking about the cons of these trimmers, they are heavier and more expensive than the electrical models. Also, they generate more noise and vibration than the electronic types. Another drawback is the smelly exhaust during operation.

Buying Tips

Based upon the size of the garden and requirements, you can select a correct gas powered hedge trimmer. While buying one, ensure that you check the diameter of the cutting head, weight, blade size, blade type, engine types, and safety of the device. For using in all hedging types, it is better to select longer blades (about 18 inch).
You can shop around and compare the different models from various brands. You can also refer to the customer reviews for getting an idea about the best brands. Buying the correct one will help you in performing the trimming task easily and quickly.