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Gardening Tools for Women

Gardening Tools for Women: We're Sure They'll Love These

Women are always fond of gardening, as it is a very relaxing hobby. Read ahead to find some useful tools for the same, if you are thinking of giving them as a gift to someone.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Oct 23, 2018
Gardening tools on green grass
Gardening is a hobby, which a number of individuals enjoy since it is relaxing, and surely gives you happiness when you literally see the fruits of your labor grow.
Gardening work tool
It is known to be something that both men and women enjoy, but you will always find women more affectionate towards plants and flowers. However, gardening doesn't just mean planting a seed, watering it, and then waiting for it to bloom.
Rustic Gardening tools
There are many things involved like plowing, pruning, spraying pesticides, needed for a better yield. To practice all these important techniques, there are specific gardening tools. If you are thinking of giving a lady such a gift, it is an excellent choice.
Best Tools to Gift
Wheelbarrow with Gardening Tools
They can be classified into two types: hand and power tools. Hand tools are basic ones used in gardening, which were used for agriculture in ancient times and are still effective. These include spade, pitchfork, hoe, digging fork, plow, and rake, made from bone and wood in earlier times.
Gardening equipment on table
However, today there are some more power tools, which are used for cutting, pruning, and watering. These include cultivators, irrigation sprinklers, string trimmer, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and weeders.
Gardening Tools
If you are considering to use any of these, you can stick to the smaller power ones, or simply sophisticated hand tools. Further description will make it easier to find out what women would love to use while gardening.
For Digging
Gardening tools in garden
There are various types of tools, which are used for digging. These hand gardening implements don't need to be heavy, but simple yet useful ones like light shovels and digging forks.
One Gardening tool
The shovels that are to be used by women can be the ones with smaller blades for superficial digging. There are other shovels commonly used for transplanting, which have deep and narrow blades that can be used for deeper digging.
Gardening tools on rusty table
Forks with long handles usually help in breaking hard ground, without bending or putting too much effort. Thus, they are ideal for older women.
For Pruning
For pruning small shrubs and herbaceous plants, you can prefer various hand pruners. When buying these, sharpness of the blade always matters.
Gardening equipment
Thus, make sure that you get effective ones. Another very important tool is the pruning saw, which is used to cut off the large branches that are thicker than the rest. Since you are buying these equipment for women, make sure that you purchase the lightweight ones.
Gardening Tools with flowers
Tilters, spades, trowels, a hand cultivator, hoes for weed control, a rain gauge, and a soil pH tester are some other essential tools. These can be used right from starting a new garden, to maintaining one to get a richer yield.
Gardening Gloves
You can also find bulb planters, which help in planting large amounts of flower bulbs at once. Garden scissors, knives, and gloves are also some of the best gardening implements for seniors, as they don't require to put in too much effort.
garden tools and gardening items
Thus, go and buy them out; you will surely help someone make a beautiful flower, or a fruit garden using all of them.