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Garden Trellis Ideas

Ratnashri Dutta Dec 3, 2018
You can make your garden stand out from the rest, by decorating it using garden trellises. Here we provides various design ideas for the same.
When you have visitors at your place, the first thing that they notice is your garden. You can improve its look by using a garden trellis.
It is mainly a design meant for outdoor purposes, made up of either wood or cast iron. Wrought iron trellis are also a popular choice. They are used for decoration, and gives your garden a unique and tranquil look. They are also used to act as a support to the climbing plants such as morning glories, clematis, honeysuckle, etc.

Trellis Designs

Garden trellises may come in various shapes and designs. Some common designs are mentioned here:
  • Moon-arch
  • Garden Arbor
  • Cedar Screens
  • Copper Top Pyramid
Some trellises can be tall and skinny, while some can be short, but wide enough for a person to go underneath them. Besides these, there is also square-shaped trellis that comes in various sizes. Some unique shapes are the 'V' structured, or the diamond-shaped trellis. While setting up your trellis, you can use your own creativity to design your own trellis.

Pole Style

Just plant a pole in your garden, so that your climbing plant has something to support itself on. You could decorate the top of the pole to make it even more impressive.
You can also place 3 or 4 identical looking trellises against the wall, in a way which will make it look like a peacock spreading its tail feathers. You can allow various varieties of plants to grow on it.


As the name suggests, this trellis is used to support the grape vines, growing in your garden.
It lets you grow more grapes in a small space, hence, if you are a seller of grapes, your yield increases. Also, harvesting the ripe grapes becomes less hectic. However, make sure you pick up the grapes easily without disturbing the main stem.


These can be installed with a relaxing seat or bench, as you can sit or read amidst the climbing plants. You can also use it to support a climbing tree with edible fruits, for example, a tomato tree. Nothing like relaxing on a seat, reading, and picking up a fruit in an instant.


You can also use a trellis to separate the various sections in your garden, maybe the kitchen garden from the flower garden. If done in a creative way, it will go a long way in enhancing the look of your property.

Homemade Trellis

You can also make your own homemade trellises, by making use of all the unnecessary items lying around your house.
» Recycled products - do you have an old ladder at home, just lying around in a clutter? Well, put this ladder in your garden, and your climbers will get a support. Climbing plants will just wrap themselves around anything, even a ladder. Also, instead of a ladder, you can also make use of old furniture.
» You can also put up three poles in the shape of a tepee, tie it up securely, and there you have your very own tepee trellis.
» If the French Open or the Wimbledon fever has grabbed you, then you can even use an old tennis racket. Just plant the vines in a smaller pot, and let them grow around it.

These homemade trellises will not only save your money, but also help you get rid of the old furniture, and other stuff that you have been meaning to throw away.
Using these ideas, you can make your own homemade trellis, have various designs adorning your garden, and make your neighbors green with envy.