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Brilliant Ideas for a Garden Fencing for Rabbits

Madhurjya Bhattacharyya Jun 9, 2019
If you find your vegetables and small plants shred to pieces, then it is time to look for garden fencing for rabbits. Here we give you some fence designs that you can use and save your garden from being attacked by these rodents.
After all the work and time you have spent to spice up your garden, it is frustrating to see rabbits eat all your plants. After all, you have planted them to fulfill your desire of creating a wonderful garden in your backyard, not to feed the rabbits.
The only solution to this problem is garden fencing, which has to be strong, as rabbits love gnawing. Moreover, they can jump over low border fences and they love digging too. So, the garden fence panels have to be such that it takes into consideration all these factors.
Before we go further into details of fencing the garden to prevent rabbits from poaching your plants, a point worth mentioning is that these little creatures are very timid and come to your garden in search of food, with no intention of harming you (of course they cannot). So, make sure that the fence you install does not injure them.

Barriers for Rabbits

Some of the most common rabbit-proof garden fences include mesh fence, electric fence, tree guard, row cover, boxed raised beds, and spring seeding protection. Let us look at each of them in detail.

Metal Mesh

Metal mesh is one of the most common rabbit proof garden fence options that is used by most people. You need to make sure that they are strong enough (at least 14.5 gauge) so that even if a rabbit starts chewing it, they cannot break through the fence. Moreover, they should be at least 3 feet in height.
Poles should be placed at an interval of not more than 3 feet from each other. In addition to that, ensure that the spaces at the bottom of the fence are not more than an inch thick. While buying a metal mesh fence, you should buy a 4-foot fence as you would need to bury an inch into the ground.

Power Fencing

Using a fence which transmits electricity through it is another way of protecting your garden from being attacked by rabbits. It is a cost-effective method and most importantly, it is easy to install as compared to mesh metal fence. In this fence, electricity from a power unit is carried through the wires, which are strung on insulated posts.
Usually, a flashlight battery is used for this process and low voltage electricity is passed through these wires. A mild buzzing sound is produced, which repels rabbits without harming them. You can opt to use this method of fencing for protecting your garden from other animals as well.
For erecting this fence, use only a couple of wires, one about 6 inches above the ground and the other about 12 inches above. You can take a chicken wire fence, insulate the poles, and string a single strand of wire from one pole to the other. Once it is strung, fit it to a power unit like a flashlight battery and let the power connection pass through.

Tree Guards

You can try to use a tree guard to protect your garden from rabbit attacks. You can wrap the lower part of the trunk with a plastic cylinder, aluminum foil, burlap, or tree wrap so as to protect your trees.
During winters, make sure that you wrap the trees above the expected snow cover. Another way of preventing rabbits from destroying your trees is to remove the snow from around the trees so that rabbits cannot reach it.

Box Covers

You can also protect your garden from rabbits with the help of box covers. For this, you need to plant your vegetables or crops on a raised bed and surround them with a wooden box. Rabbits tend to feed on clovers and there are chances that they would ignore the surrounding plants. Moreover, rabbits are reluctant climbers, and would not climb over the boxes.
It is not that tough to install garden fencing for rabbits on your own, only remember the given instructions to protect your garden.