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Attractive Garden Fence Designs

Rimlee Bhuyan Dec 3, 2018
Putting up a fence in your garden not only enhances its beauty but also helps to keep out unwanted creatures. There are many designs and styles of garden fence that you can choose from.
Any gardener who values his plants and flowers would like to keep out animals and pets from their garden. This is where a garden fence is useful. They not only clearly demarcate the different areas of your garden but are also absolutely effective for hiding unappealing parts of your garden from view.
Garden fence designs can be simple or ornamental and there are a number of designs available for you to choose from. Before choosing any fence design for your garden, you need to first ask yourself the main purpose of installing the fence.
Is it for visual appeal or to keep the pets from destroying your flower beds. Once you have pin pointed the functionality of installing a fence in your garden, you can choose from many designs.

Functional Designs of Garden Fence

Functional garden fence designs are those that are not merely ornamental but serve a definite purpose. A mesh garden fence design which is made out of plastic or wire is a very good garden fencing design option if you have a fairly large garden and want to keep out stray animals from entering your garden.
It can be used to demarcate the external perimeter of the garden and also as support for some types of plants and creepers. It is quite strong and long-lasting and does not require any maintenance. The height of the fence should be such that it should keep out animals and pets and ideally should come up to your chest level.
Garden wood fence are also highly functional and they come in many designs to suit your budget and style. Wood garden fencing designs like garden picket fence are highly popular and exude old world charm. They not only give your garden a rustic appeal but are also stylish and chic.
While choosing wood fence designs, take into account the style of your house and also your landscape.
Picket fence looks best in small cottage style homes or a large English gardens which has many flower beds and also a vegetable garden section. Picket fences painted in pristine white or an eggshell blue goes very nicely with these style of houses or gardens.
On the other hand, if you live in a rambling ranch style home or a garden which is inspired by the south-western theme, then your option would be to opt for split rail fences made of wood that have rugged posts and rails. Timber garden fencing with redwood, cedar or cypress are a great choice as they are naturally resistant to decay and pests.

Ornamental Garden Fence Designs

If it is ornamental fence designs that you are looking for, to enhance the beauty of your garden then you will be literally spoiled for choice. A fencing design that is not only attractive but also provides you with privacy is lattice fencing.
A lattice fencing is usually made of long wooden fence that is assembled in a crisscross pattern. You can paint it with a color of your choice to match the landscape of your garden and vines can be trained up the lattice for more privacy.
Garden fencing trellis are similar to lattice fencing and can be purchased in most garden stores. Garden fence panels are generally made of hardened ply board and are great for small compact gardens that require fencing with extra strength.
Bamboo posts can also be used for making garden fencing designs that look attractive and natural.
Whatever fence design you choose for your garden, make sure that it looks cohesive with the landscape. Garden fences can greatly enhance the curb appeal of your home, so choose a fence after careful considerations.