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Garden Edging Ideas

Rimlee Bhuyan May 6, 2019
Garden edging refers to demarcating different areas of your garden to lend symmetry and definition to your garden. Here are some ideas in garden edging.
Do you have a garden with different types of flowers and shrubs, but you think it still does not look great? Do flower beds seem to spill all over the place, and you just can't put your finger on why your garden does not have that neat and appealing look?
The answer might lie in the fact that you do not have garden edging, a crucial factor to give your garden a cohesive, neat look. Garden edging helps to look at each element of your garden, and adds symmetry and beauty.

Flower Garden Edging Ideas

Stone Edging

One of the best ways to add edging to a flower bed is with the use of stones or pebbles. There is something about the harmony of the rough texture of stones with the delicate blooms, that makes such an edging look modern and elegant.
You can stack river stones one over the other to create an enclosure for your flower beds, or use flat-faced stones, like bluestones and flagstones, to create beautiful edging. Special stones are available in nurseries to use. Stones are one of the most used edging material in formal landscapes, since it imparts a beautiful natural ambiance to a garden.

Brick Edging

If you want cheap edging ideas, then go for brick edging. Bricks are relatively inexpensive and you can even use old mismatched bricks to make an edging. Traditionally, brick edging involves using paved stones set around the perimeter of the flower bed horizontally.
You can modernize brick edging by laying the bricks at an angle so only top angle of the brick appears over the ground. For this, you do not need professionals. Dig up a trench and fill 2 inches with sand. Now place the bricks diagonally so only the top corner of the bricks are exposed. Lean the bricks against each other and fill the trench with soil.

Plastic Edging

Another cheap idea is to use plastic. Plastic edgings are available at any good hardware and garden store, and are easy to install. They have grooves on the sides that fit into each other. Just dig a trench 2-3 inches deep, place the edging, and tap them with a wooden mallet.
Although one of the least expensive options, plastic edging is not preferred by many home owners and gardeners because it looks unnatural in a garden, and does not have much aesthetic appeal. Nevertheless, it is a good option to consider if you want inexpensive but durable garden edging.
If you want to be more creative, you can use other materials, like old soda bottles, cobblestones, cedar shingles, wine bottles, and even pieces of wood fencing as edging, which will add a whimsical and personalized look to your garden.