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Garden Bench Plans

According to the existing decor of your garden, select a bench that will bring a relaxing and aesthetic appeal. Choose from the various options in garden bench plans given in this Gardenerdy post and get set to have a perfect seating furniture for your outdoor space.
Gardenerdy Staff
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2018
If there is an outdoor garden, extending behind or in front of your home, you might constantly think of improving it further. Landscaping, adding plants, and various accent pieces is what you would do to beautify and make the area look lively.

Well, making the right arrangements for seating in this area needs no mention. With some bench plans, you can have a perfect relaxing space created, allowing your family members to sit and spend time here. There are a number of plans from which you can choose one or a few depending upon the total space available.
Designs to Consider
Black Rustic Wooden Garden Bench
Garden Wooden Bench with Cushions
Brown Wooden Garden Bench
Wooden Garden Bench with Metal Arms
Green Wooden Garden Bench
Stone Garden Bench
Wooden Garden Bench in Farm
Wooden Plans Garden Bench
Simply Bench
With the most basic bench plans, you can have a simple bench designed to place in your garden. Choose one with or without back support that makes the basic outdoor furniture. The one with four legs and without back support is the easiest woodworking ideas. You can also have such simple concrete garden benches without back support. Wrought iron also offers best designs for garden benches that work as simply bench and nothing more than that. With curvy legs, hand rest, and back designs, wrought iron benches are definitely a good choice.
Potting or Planter Bench
When you want something more added to that 'simply bench' piece you can think of potting benches or planter benches. Well plants are the best elements that can be added to your plans. Choose the plans that help you have a seating space and area for placing pots. A staircase styled piece is best pick with topmost steps kept for displaying pots and lower step designed for seating. Planter benches are amongst most chosen. With planters on two corners and seating area in between, you can have a great looking bench that adds spice to the garden decor. An L-shaped planter bench with planters on two ends and one at intersection point looks marvelous.
Bench with Table
Two benches placed opposite each other with a table in between makes a nice addition in your garden for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The bench height in this case must be decided according to the table. Wood is the best material to be used for constructing this type of bench with attached or separate table. Checkout various designs and have the best looking piece. Adding drawers to the table will definitely add to the convenience.
Storage Bench
A storage bench has a top which opens up and allows you store various gardening items or other stuff. You can also have storage benches that have storage cabinets below with vertical doors. So instead of lifting the bench top to open the storage area, you have to simply open the doors. These are also popularly built using wood instead of other material. You can choose creative designs which store a lot of stuff and look great at the same time. It is best to keep the garden bench dimensions smaller and avoid larger storage benches which won't look good.
Creative Bench Plans
You can add a tree bench which surrounds the tree that lies in center of your garden. A tree bench often consists of 3-4 benches installed around a tree creating a beautiful look. Make sure that you use wood with natural finish to get the best effect. Apart from this, you can also opt for arbor, pergola, or swing benches.
So, which garden bench plan did you find interesting? You can add your ideas and designs to the aforementioned plans and order the pieces to rightly match your taste. Don't forget to checkout the garden bench kits which are easy to assemble and set up without help of a professional. All the best!
Creative Bench In A Garden
Green Garden Bench
Formal Garden Bench
White Wooden Swing In Garden
Wooden Swing In Summer Garden
Garden Bench
Wooden Swing
Wood Bench Field
Lets Swing
Garden Bench
Teak Patio Bench
Stainless Steel Swing
Red Swing
White Ornate Garden Bench
Garden Wooden Furniture
Blue Old And Rusty Iron Swings
Swing Bench
Garden Bench
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