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Fuschia Plant

Here's All You Need to Know About the Fabulous Fuchsia Plants

Fuschia are flowering plants that grow long shoots and are wonderful indoor and outdoor plants. The following article provides information about the various tips on how to keep your plant healthy.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Mar 8, 2018
These plants are beautiful flowering plants with lovely two tone blossoms. The plant is native to Chile, and were introduced to Great Britain at around 1788. Today, there are over 3,000 to 5,000 species and cultivars of this plant. The plant is a shrub or small tree that has a small foliage. The plants can be grown in different patterns that includes a bushy shape in case of tall sturdy species, and some others in the standard shape or pyramid form.
The flowers are very attractive, pendulous in shape and can bloom singly or in clusters from the leaf axils. The flowers are in shades of red and purple or in a combination of these two colors. They may have some parts that are pure white in color. The long tube-like shape ends in four reflexed or spreading lobes. This shape exposes the four petals with stamens and stigma attached and extending out of the petals.
Choosing the Right Plant
If you have decided to try a hand at gardening, then you need to get some seedlings from your local nursery. Avoid well established plants, as they will find it difficult to adjust in case you are trying a hand with indoor gardening. You may choose plants with an even symmetrical shape, with green leaves and green stems. They should have a good root system, when observed upside down after tapping out of the pot to examine. The plant should have several shoots from the lower part of the main stem.
Growing the Plant
Once you have found the perfect plant for your garden, you need to find the best place to grow the plant. The colorful blooms look best in hanging baskets, as you may display the fuschia in its grand splendor. The deep purple and magenta shades create an amazing look for your garden or home. The flowers drooping from the branches create the look of a vine. If you do not wish to grow your plant in a hanging basket, you may try any kind of pot for planting it.
These plants like the sunlight, but they cannot tolerate the heat. So, you need to choose a shady spot while planting it. If you are growing it indoors, you may choose a spot in front of the window. In case of outdoor gardening, you may plant it near a shady area like covered porch or shady patio. When you see your plant is droopy, you may have to look for a new spot. A flourishing fuschia indicates that the spot you chose for planting it is perfect.
You can plant fuschias in a hanging pot or pots kept on ground. However, you need to make sure that there is a good drainage system in the pots. You should choose pots with tray at the bottom, as they hold the water as it drains. This helps in controlling the flow of water and providing enough nutrients to the plant. The plant can absorb the nutrients before the water quickly drains away without a tray. These plants need plenty of nutrients, so a tray is very important.
When your plant is well established, you need to begin with a regular watering routine. Water the plants in the morning so that it soaks the water efficiently. This will avoid problems of water logging. In case of hanging baskets, you need to be careful as you need to avoid water draining off too quickly. Do not over water, and make sure you maintain the schedule of watering. If you suddenly change the watering time or day, it may cause stress to the plant.
Before frost the plant needs to be brought inside. In case of areas with mild winter, the fuschia may be left outdoors. You should buy the plant in spring and choose the one whose buds are not open. Choose a sunny spot with a bit of shade and take good care of the plant in summer. Water as per a schedule and you will find your fuschias nice and cheerful. Do not bother about the rumor that this plant is difficult to grow. You need to water and fertilize as per schedule and you will find that they are relatively easy to grow.
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