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Forget-Me-Not Plant

Do You Know How the Forget-Me-Not Plant Got its Name?

Do you know that the Forget-me-not plants, that are found in the North America are mostly from Europe. Know more about these plants and flowers and the myths or legends about, how they acquired so catchy a name.
Shrinivas Kanade
Last Updated: Jan 7, 2019
Mounted Knight Carrying The Royal Standard
According to a legend 'Forget-me-not' were the last words of a knight to his lady-love, after he fell in and sunk to the bottom of a river because of the weight of the armor he wore. Most of the Forget-me-nots are characterized by their flowers, with 5 blue and flat petals.
White forget-me-not flowers
Exceptions being the Myosotis alba with white and Myosotis aurea with yellow flowers. These are found in the mountains, woods and in the humid fields at an altitude of 700 to 2,800 meters.
Blue Myosotis Sylvatica
These flowers which are fragrant in the evenings and the nights are also called Asian, Wood and Alpine Forget-me-not. This flower is the official flower on the National Grandparents day.
Fish Poison flower
These plants are grouped under the genus Myosotis, which belongs to the family Boraginaceae. Many of these plants are natives of New Zealand and are also found in Asia, Australia, the North America and Africa.
Blooming flower
Because of this flower reminds people of love and tragic ends, women often wear it to express their feelings to partners. People also wear it at the weddings.
Alaska State Flower
Forget Me Nots On White
In 1949, the State of Alaska declared the Mayosotis Alpestris, a Forget-me-not, found in the Alpine areas of the United States, as the official state flower of the State of Alaska. It was a flower, with blue petals and yellowish or pink center.
  • M. alpestris alpestris
  • M. alpestris asiatica
  • M. alpestis Osmypo
  • M. alpestris (Gold and sapphires)
  • M. alpestris (Nana)
  • M. alpestris (Ruth Fischer)
  • M. appestris (Subspecies Suaveolens)
  • M. arvensis
  • M. arvensis arvensis
  • M. asiatica
  • M. aspera
  • M. atlantica
  • M. australis
  • M. azorica
  • M. bill baker
  • M. blue ball
  • M. sylvatica (Blue Bird)
  • M. bouquet
  • M. cametoonensis
  • M. anescens
  • M.capitata
  • M. colensoi colensos
  • M. alba Forget-me-not
Planting Instructions
Gardener Planting On Broad Bean Plants
If you are thinking of planting this flower in your garden, then you should go through the given information.
Before you buy the seeds or seedlings for it, confirm whether it is annual or perennial. The difference between these two is significant. The annual ones last for one year and the perennial variety lasts for three or more years.
white Leucas
✦ Inquire at the local nurseries about the seedlings of the type of this plant you are interested in.
✦ You can select your favorite from a group of 50 of its types.

✦ Planting seedlings of this plant is the easiest way to raise them.

✦ If you cannot find the seedlings you are looking for, then you have no option but to start with the seeds, which you can buy at the local nurseries.
✦ Plant the seeds in the polythene bags containing soil mixed with compost.

✦ For early blooms, place the bags inside the house or a garden shed for 8 to 10 weeks and water the seeds regularly, to keep the soil moist.

✦ At the beginning of spring, plant the seedlings in your garden, where they will be shielded from the direct sunlight.
✦ The alternative is to prepare the ground in the early spring and plant the seeds in the bare ground, when there are still chances of having the light frost.

✦ You can add compost to the soil while preparing the ground for the seeds.

✦ Though these plants can survive, even when they grow in a crowded bunch, it is a good idea to plant them 3 to 4 inches apart.
✦ The dry soil can have adverse effect on the growth of the seeds and seedlings of this plant.

✦ Water the seeds regularly and maintain the ground moist and whenever it is needed, use compost to enhance their growth.
✦ These may blossom in the early, the middle or in the late spring. Whenever it happens you can try to lengthen the bloom time by regularly trimming the spent blooms. If you are really interested in the gardening, flower gardens and in the rock gardens, then you will find that a clutch of these at your favorite spot, will be a treat to the eyes.
Beautiful Flowers Forget Me Nots
These plants don't attract diseases or insects, but if it does, then you can use pesticides and/or fungicides to deal with the problem.
Alpine forget-me-nots, Myosotis flowers
The National Forget-me-not day is celebrated on the 10th of November by sending flowers to friends and family members, who haven't been in contact for a long time.
Bouquet On A Wooden Background
The legend associated with these flowers really makes it an unforgettable one. Roses speak about love, but a Forget-me-not symbolizes more than that.