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Want Blooms in Spring? These Flowering Plants are Simply the BEST

Flowers to Plant in Spring
After the dreariness and cold of winter, everyone wants to see a riot of colorful blooms in their garden. Some of the best flowers that you can plant to make your garden come alive this spring.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Nov 17, 2018
Everybody loves spring, with its crisp cool air and colorful flowers that seem to bloom everywhere. However, to enjoy spring's bounty, you should have planted your flower bulbs in fall when the weather was still a little cold.
Tulips, daffodils, and peonies are some of the most popular flowers that bloom in spring, and have to be planted at fall. When you plant flowers in spring, it ensures that you can enjoy them during early or late fall. It can instantly transform your dull landscape into a wonderful display of blooms, and provide you with so much joy during fall.
List of Flowers to Plant in Spring
pink flowers
To enjoy beautiful blooms in early fall, you need to know about which flowers to plant.
dianthus flower
These flowers bloom during fall and are available in red, pink, and white colors. They should be planted where they can get sunshine during early spring.
chrysanthemum flower
There are myriad varieties of chrysanthemums available in different colors. They should be planted in early spring and should be well-watered.
Autumn Crocus
autumnale flowers
Autumn Crocus are larger in size than those blooming in spring. They grow very close to the ground, in colors like white, lavender, and pink. These bulbs should be planted in late spring, as the flowers bloom in late September to October.
Helenium Flowers
Helenium is also known as sneezeweed, and is similar in appearance to that of daisies. They grow in profusion and are quite tall, from 3 to 5 feet. They are planted in spring and they bloom in early fall.
Canna Lily flowers
Lilies are the most popular flowers to plant and they come in a lot of varieties as well as colors.
Daffodils flower
Daffodil is a very hearty flower that can be grown indoors as well as outdoors. It is planted late so that you can enjoy their beauty in spring.
planting gladiolus bulb
Gladiolus are available in pink, white, red, yellow, and some of them can be even multicolored. The best way to plant gladioli bulbs is in clusters in a spot where it receives plenty of sunshine.
Dahlia Flower
Dahlias grow up to six feet in height, and they bloom into huge blossoms. Dahlia bulbs need to be planted in soil that is well drained; they grow indoors as well. Dahlias should be planted in the shade during late fall so that you can see full blooms in early spring.
Some Flowers For Spring Season
purple yarrow
Allium flowers
Calamintha flower
Brugmansia flower
Gaura Flower
Strawberry flowers
Iris Flowers
Hydrangea flowers
red hibiscus
Linaria flowers
Honeysuckle Flower
Veronica flower
Lilac flowers
Wood Anemone
Wood Anemone
Black Eyed Susan
Black-eyed Susan
Balloon Flowers
Balloon Flower
Peach leaved Bellflower
Peach leaved bell flowers
Russian Sage
Russian Sage
violet and yellow pansies
Forget me Nots
forget-me-not flowers
Primrose Flower
Bleeding Hearts
Red Bleeding Heart Flowers
Purple and White Columbine
Aster flower
Foxglove Flowers
Goldenrod flowers
Lily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley
Pussy Willows
Pussy Willows
Persian Buttercup
Persian buttercups
Spring Snowflake
Summer Snowflake flowers
Bulb of Lily
While buying bulbs for flowers to plant in spring, purchase only those bulbs that are healthy and fresh, free of any blemishes or discolorations. Strictly avoid buying any bulbs that are wrinkly or damaged.
Planting In Spring
Make sure that you plant the bulbs in a place where they are sure to receive a lot of sunlight and also make sure that there is good drainage of the soil. There are many bulbs that can be planted in pots and kept indoors.
Spring Garden
Planting flowers in spring is a good way to ensure that you have a beautiful garden full of different flowers in their full glory in fall. Choose an assortment of flowers to plant in your flowerbeds and enjoy their fresh blooms.