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Flowering House Plants

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Jun 30, 2019
Do you want to bring in the beauty and fragrance of flowering plants into your house? We give you an overview of some plants that will suit your needs.
Flowering plants are a great source of liveliness and joy when placed in a room. They add to the color, vibrancy, decor, and fragrance of a room, brighten up any room or living space and bring a positive energy within the house. The given list will help you choose some of the most attractive house plants that require minimal care.

Fragrant Flowering Plants Which Are Easy to Maintain

Not only are these plants easy to care for but they also make great gifts for someone you are truly fond of.

Peace Lily

These are hardy flowering plants that are mostly given as house-warming gifts. They thrive in bright light, and do well in areas that receive a lot of light. They need water only after the soil is completely dry, and need fertilization once a month.


Clivia plants are grown from bulbs. They enter a dormant phase in November, and must be kept in a cool, dark place. After the dormant phase, you will notice new stalks sprouting. It needs to be kept in sunlight around this time. You need to water and fertilize it regularly.


These plants are associated with St. Patrick's day, and commonly called Shamrocks. The flowers are often different shades of white, yellow, and pink. These are the easiest plants to take care of.


The Moth Orchid that comes in white, yellow, or pink variety is one of the most attractive plants to keep in your house. These plants need bright, indirect light, and high humidity.


These plants are to be kept near a window that receives adequate sunlight. They need moist, not wet soil. You will find some cheerful blooms in winter.

Patience Plant

These plants bloom throughout the year and are low-light flowering plants. They need very little water and maintenance.

Christmas Cactus

This is one plant that will continue to thrive even if you hardly give any time for its care. They will survive for a long time, and do not even need manipulation of light for developing buds.


Many people are under the impression that begonias are outdoor flowering plants. But there are many varieties that are easy to maintain. When placed indoors in good conditions, they will continue to bloom throughout the year.


These exotic plants entice your vision and sense of smell with its white flowers and intoxicating fragrance. Opt for the 'Maid of New Orleans' variety, one of the best indoor flowering house plant. It should get enough sunlight and moist soil. It will flower all year round.


These are very easy-to-grow plants. They bloom with clusters of small, upright flowers. They need bright light and sufficient water to grow.

Low-light Flowering Plants

You can easily distinguish low-light flowering plants from those who require bright lights by checking out some factors. A bright-light plant will have:
  • Large and brightly colored leaves.
  • Poor or absent blooms on flowering plants.
  • Stunted or spindly growth
  • Abnormally long space between leaves
  • Lower leaves turning yellow and falling off
The following are some of the low-light plants that flower.
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Snake Plant and Zebra Plant
  • Cast iron plant
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Bromeliads
  • Peace Lily

Plants that Have Red Flowers

There are plants that bloom red flowers other than roses. Some plants with highly attractive red blooms are:
  • Inxora and Hibiscus
  • Red Passion Flower
  • Desert Cacti
  • Amaryllis and Kalanchoe
  • Bromeliads and Anthurium
These are some beautiful plants that will spread cheer around your house. You can choose from some interesting blooming varieties that suit your house decor.