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Fire Pit Ideas You Will Thank Us For

Aparna Jadhav Dec 1, 2018
Wouldn't you want to spend some quality time with your family, chatting and playing games over a merry fire in the garden? If yes, you can do so by building a fire pit in your backyard, the ideas for which are discussed in here.
Fire pits are small pits dug in the ground and built with bricks, stone, and metal accompanied with a gas facility for the flame. Since its discovery, fire has played a very significant role in human civilization.
For archaeologists, these pits are of special importance as a destroyed one reveals information about the time period it was based in, which may be of historical significance. A pit is a systematic way of not only containing the fire, but also preventing it from spreading around while adding a luxurious look to your backyard at the same time.

Outdoor Fire Pits

The outdoors are a great place to have a fire pit, as it gives the garden or the backyard a personalized look, where you can enjoy a steaming cup of coffee or a fun barbecue with your family whenever you want. Let's take a look at some ideas that you can use to build one out-of-doors.


Stone pits are easy to build and are comparatively cheaper. They look great in open gardens and spaced-out areas. While building a stone pit, all you have to do is dig a small hole in the ground, lay the stones around it, and place the firewood in it.
Make sure that there are no inflammable objects lying around which could pose a risk. It can also be used to barbecue food simply by placing a grill on top of it.


This is a very innovative idea, for which you will need an old tire metal rim. You can give your pit a classy look by covering it with stone blocks or tiles.
  • First of all, dig a hole in the ground which is of the height of the metal rim, and then place the rim in it.
  • Once it is deep enough, cover the hole with the tiles to give it a neat look.
  • Add the gravel and place some tiles above the ground level.
  • Put the firewood in the pit and light the fire.
This is one of the safest backyard fire pit options as it involves no risk. You can even use different metals like copper for a beautiful, rusty look. (Copper is durable and does not require a lot of maintenance.)


What could be better than a lovely barbecue with your family over a patio fire pit? Patios are a great place for this, as you can have your pit made into a barbecue stand, simply by placing a grill on it.
You can either build a brick one on your patio, or purchase a portable one that you can easily move in and out of the house.
These pits can be flamed with wood or natural gas that is connected to a natural gas pipeline. Propane is also used as an alternative for wood, which is connected to a propane gas tank. This type is fast gaining popularity as it is neat, and can be used whenever desired. It also gives your garden or backyard a classy look, and simultaneously, saves space.


A pit built with cement or concrete looks fabulous not only outdoors, but also inside the house. They vary in shape and size, and can be made to match the look of your home as well as your backyard.
The material used to flame these pits is mostly natural gas and propane covered with gravel. To make it look more attractive, you can match the color of the gravel with the exterior of the pit. Concrete pits look very classy with a comfy sofa or a rocking chair around them, and can be used as barbecue stands too.
Fire pits are a wonderful way of decorating the interior or the exterior of your house. Besides adding to the beauty of your home, they can be used all year round. You can come up with some of your own ideas, and make your backyard look truly 'hot'.