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Ways to Deal With Fiberglass Pool Problems

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani Nov 30, 2018
If you don't wish to construct a pool in your yard because of the maintenance and the money that is involved, then a fiberglass swimming pool is the perfect option for you. However, ensure you understand the potential problems beforehand, so as to avoid maintenance headaches in the long run.
Be it because of their low maintenance requirement or an affordable price range, fiberglass swimming pools are the latest craze among homeowners. As their general surface is smooth, the seating areas and walking paths are textured specifically to minimize slippage risks.
In comparison to other types, such as concrete (gunite) and vinyl liner models, these are easy to clean and require minimum time for maintenance (about 30 minutes weekly).
Fiberglass pools do not alter the chemical balance of water and a relatively low quantity of chemicals are used for maintaining them. This means, with this pool, you are protected from exposure to strong and allergy-causing chemicals.
Also, their installation can be completed within two weeks, which does not hold true in case of other pools. However, in spite of their several advantages, there are certain problems associated with these pools, which should be taken care of to avoid further complications.
A major drawback about these pools is the limited choice of shapes and design patterns. Unlike other swimming pools, which can be customized according to the owner's requirement, the design and model of this one, depends on the manufacturing company. In addition to this, there are certain problems, which are discussed hereafter.

Pool Draining Problem

One unavoidable problem is the compulsory retention of water in the pool. Do not try to drain water from the pool yourself, rather, call a professional to do so.
As fiberglass pools are very light, regulating ground pressure is extremely essential in order to prevent structural damage. Holding water all the year round increases growth of algae and other similar problems.

Spider Cracks

Spider cracks are another problem, which occur due to increased pressure on certain areas of the pool. Improper shipping and installation are often the cause for creating pressure and/or causing spider cracks. As these cracks are not deep, the functionality of the pool is not disturbed.

Pool Cracks and Leakage

Similar to concrete pools, cracks and leakage are often found in fiberglass swimming pools as well. If draining is not a hurdle, then grouting is the best method for troubleshooting these problems. If your pool is colored, you can use a grout color that matches the original color of your pool.

Algal Growth in Pools

With any water holding unit, algal growth is the most common problem. The same is observed in case of these pools. If algae persists even with frequent scrubbing of the pool surface, then a proper algaecide is the solution to get rid of them.

Pool Stains

Over a period of time, stains will usually develop on the tiles and surface of the pool. For minor stain problems, you can buy acidic stain removal products and correct them with minimum effort. However, when dealing with older pools with large black stains (cobalt bleeding), refinishing the pool is the only option.

Dealing with Colored Pools

If you are fascinated with colored fiberglass pools, then make sure you inquire about their repair and maintenance terms before finalizing your choice.
Though a colored pool works fine after it is repaired, the main problem is its overall appearance. In most cases, the color finish after repairing is not the same as the original color. Thus, the repaired portion often looks conspicuous among the remaining parts of the pool.
A fiberglass in-ground swimming pool can be installed with the help of professional installers. If you are thinking of erecting it on your own, seek advice from the manufacturer and follow the user's manual carefully. Speaking about prices, they are very less as compared to concrete pools. Thus, they are the ideal alternative for people with a tight budget.
Also, most manufacturers give a lifetime warranty for fiberglass pools. Hence, in case of any major problems, you have the advantage to call the manufacturer company for correcting them.