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Different Types of Fences

A List of the Different Types of Fences: Choose What Suits You Well

Fences are meant to be built for protection and privacy. There are various fence types that are used for this purpose, and they are mentioned in the following article.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
All of us who have ground floor apartments or houses with gardens and backyards, require a fence around the house for various reasons. Depending on your own personal choice, and the aesthetic value of the outdoors, there are many types of fences. It not only protects the house and marks a boundary for your property, but also provides the required privacy, and gives the house exteriors, a wonderful look. People use fences for creating landscapes around the house, in the garden, the outdoors, on the pool decks, patios, etc.
Wooden Fences
The first and the most basic types of fencing styles is by using wood, as it is known to be the cheapest materials that can be used to make fences for homes. It is affordable, durable, can be used for years, and there are no maintenance costs involved for this type. Wood such as Western red cedar, treated pine, cypress, and oak can be used to make these structures as they are known to be the strongest types of wood. Along with sturdiness, wooden fences can be painted to protect them from damage and weather, and they look brilliantly natural in gardens and backyards.
Privacy Fences: They are about 8 ft. tall, and protect your home from weather conditions, intruders, and provide you a good security.
Picket Fences: They are simple 4 to 5 ft. tall enclosures, which are built around a back or front yard. As they are shorter in size, they don't quite provide privacy, but define the house boundaries.
Rail Fences: They are made from wooden planks or logs, and are spaced out in peculiar designs. They are used as farm fences in stables as enclosures for farm animals, and are of two types: split rail and post rail fences. Other than the pattern of placing the wooden pieces, there is little difference between them both.
Chain Link Fences
They are usually among the stronger ones, and are used for various purposes. They consist of a mesh of chain links, and have a sharp upper edge so that crossing over them can be avoided. Their installation can be made in any desired height, and are usually used for commercial areas such as high profile confidential organizations, VIP headquarters, scientific institutions, and defense areas.
Residential: Used to provide security to house boundaries, and to keep intruders away. They are about 4 ft high, and can keep the pets from jumping off them.
Commercial: These are about 6 to 20 ft. high, and are used for tighter security reasons. They also have electricity passing through them (live) so that trespassers cannot pass.
Vinyl Fences (PVC)
If you want the look of wooden fences, but with a better strength and durability, vinyl type of fences are a blend of both. They are an excellent alternative to wood fences, and they have all the similar styles that a wooden fence can provide. They are made from PVC, and don't need maintenance for many years. They are strong, great in appearance, are available in various designs, and provide protection as well as privacy. Available in tan and white colors, their various types are; vinyl privacy fence, picket fence, rail fencing, and box fences for yards.
Wrought Iron Fences
The royal touch of the house can be easily passed on to the exteriors, by installing a wrought iron fence around it. The rich black colored designs of this type can accentuate any outdoors, and give the surroundings a beautiful change in appearance. The delicate spaced-out wrought iron rods on this fence type have classic molds on the edges, and hence, make it stylish and graceful. Along with them, the gates are also made from wrought iron, and you can add any Victorian design to your stylish fence. There are two styles for this fencing type: residential and commercial, and both have their height and design differences.
White vinyl fence
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