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Fence Painting

Fabulous Fence Painting Ideas to Make the Outdoors Look Prettier

Fence painting can be a mundane activity that all of you may desperately try to avoid. But you can definitely spice it up with some unique fence painting ideas presented in this Gardenerdy article.
Puja Lalwani
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2018
Painting your fence every once in a while is a good idea, simply to ensure that it looks fresh and new. After all, it is what gives your house a complete and charming look. Now you're probably done with the boring white for your fence, and are looking for something unique to paint on it. If you are someone who likes to think out of the box, and is willing to get a little adventurous with your fence painting techniques and ideas, here's some inspiration for all of you.
When you get down to painting fences, ensure that you follow some important measures before you do so. For one, get rid of all the peeling, loose paint hanging off the fence. Clear out any spider webs on it, and the weeds around it. Sand your fence to even out the surface, and apply a primer before you start painting your fence. This will help the paint to spread smoothly on the surface, and make the entire project a more fun experience. Of course, if you are painting a vinyl fence, you don't have to do all this. Just clean it with a soft cloth, but apply an epoxy based primer to ensure that it adheres to the surface, and then start painting. Spray paint would be ideal for vinyl surfaces. Paint on a bright (but not too bright) day so that the paint doesn't dry out too fast if you want to make any changes in the design.
The ideas given here may sound a little outrageous to you, but based on the locality, the fence designs, and your openness to creativity, these fence designs can really make a good choice. While a wrought iron or chain link fence can be painted with limited patterns, for a picket or a privacy fence, you can employ any of the ideas mentioned below. These are completely unique and creative ideas, and will definitely provide a whole new level of freshness in comparison to the regular old solid colored fence, white picket fence or the bland privacy fence. Take a look at these ideas in which you can also involve your kids and have an enjoyable fence painting project.
Ideal for privacy fences, letting yourself loose and painting your fence in the numerous graffiti styles is a great idea. If you think it is too bright and colorful, why not try a monochromatic color scheme, such as light and dark blue and gray or black and white or any other combination that appeals to you? There are numerous graffiti letter styles and designs that you can choose from, and create a masterpiece on your fence.
Hand Printing
Your kids are going to love this one. Engage them in hand painting your fence. Be it any of the numerous picket fence styles or a privacy fence, the sight of little colorful hands on fences is simply endearing. Again, you can choose from an array of colors or keep the color variation minimal. Just ensure that the surface is smooth, and that there are no exposed splinters or nails, to prevent your little ones from any unforeseen injuries.
Chalk Designs
As an alternative to paint, why not try out some designs with chalk. Yes, it is difficult to maintain this, and one shower can wash off all your efforts. However, try out this idea when it is bright, and you can come up with numerous designs. Little garden gnomes on your wood fence, or simply floral and leafy patterns, or an entire landscape, drawn on a brick fence with chalk will be another great masterpiece! You can repaint the fence when those showers wash off these chalk designs.
Balloon Splatter
Another fun project for kids, give them paint filled balloons, and the freedom to throw them on the fence you want to paint. With the splatter of colors, you will have a fence design that is conveniently ready, not to mention the speed at which your project will get over! Try this out on a bamboo fence and see the wonderful effect it has!
Stencil Painting
Coming to some more elegant patterns of fence painting, the use of stencils of various types will give your fence a class and charm unmatched by any in the neighborhood. Use any of the different stencil designs available out there, and make your fences look gorgeous. From vines to geometric shapes, the variety is huge, and the choice, completely yours.
If it is a chain link fence you want to paint, one good idea is to use multiple cans of various spray paint colors and give it a rainbow-like look! It is bound to look funky in spite of its regular pattern! Avoid such ideas with wrought iron fences as they are too formal and classy for such ideas.
Once you are done painting, ensure that you use a good quality sealer to seal in the paint and have it last for as long as possible. You may have found some of these ideas way out of the box, but they are definitely worth a shot. Instead of searching for the best fence painting rates you can get, why not do it yourself? With these ideas, you can easily transform a boring chore into an entertaining activity for your entire family. Just ensure you check out your state laws and get permission from your neighborhood to paint your fences in these designs. Enjoy!
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