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Types of Fast-growing Vines With Stunning Pictures

Shashank Nakate Dec 3, 2018
The different types of fast growing vines are explained in this article. These plants range from a variety of shade-giving species to flowering ones.
A trailing plant or climber is commonly known as a 'vine'. The word was commonly used to refer grapevines. However, it got associated with climber plants later on.
A common feature seen in today's gardens, the different types of fast growing flowering vines are used to cover wall surfaces and in landscaping. These are also grown for the beautiful flowers they produce.
Vines or climbers form an important part of gardening. These plants are used to cover fences, trellises, and poles for decorative purposes. There are different types of climbers which grow in a variety of soils and climatic conditions.
Fast growing vines are chosen for covering a given area in quick time. Some of them have been discussed in detail further.

Trumpet Creeper Vines

These vines attract insects and hummingbirds. Their growth takes place too fast, and thus, it is necessary to control them. These flowering vines produce  bright reddish-orange blooms. They have a long blooming season.

Honeysuckle Vines

These vines are sometimes grown for privacy and can survive in very less water. The honeysuckle vines are drought-tolerant. Like trumpet creeper vines, these too attract insects and hummingbirds and are used for building nests by birds.

Five-leaf Akebia

The Five-leaf Akebia is called 'chocolate vine', growing up to 10 meters. These grow healthy in full sunlight and have a blue-green foliage, of oval shape. They are evergreen in warm regions, and in cool regions, exhibit a deciduous nature.

Wisteria Vines

This has a hardy nature and looks beautiful in the flowering season. The American Wisteria is suitable for being grown in northern America. Chinese and Japanese Wisteria are commonly grown in southern USA.

Silver Lace Vine

Amongst the different types of vines found in nature, the Silver Lace Vine is one of the most important and fast growing perennial vines. These vines grow up to a height of 15 meters and have a bright green foliage. The fragrant flowers have colors ranging from green to white. The fast growth of these vines takes places through rhizomes.

Clematis Armandii

It is a fast growing vine which climbs up to the height of 20 feet. The Clematis Armandii grows over an area of 5 feet. White-colored, star-shaped flowers, is its specialty. These take the support of walls, poles, etc., by means of leaf stems.

Fast Growing Vines for Trellis

The vines to be grown for trellis are an annual plant species, that grow quickly. Within few months, these vines spread over the given surface. Morning glory, cypress vines, moonflower, cardinal climber, etc., are few varieties. The morning glory can be seen in different colors like blue, white, and red. It is known to spread quickly and on various surfaces.
Therefore, it can be used as a fence vine. Moonflower vine, as the name suggests, is nocturnal, and bears fragrant flowers. The flowering season starts from summer and lasts till the fall. The vines can be used to cover trellises, chain link fences, and poles.
The information in this article gives an idea about which fast-growing flowering vine and climber in general, are suitable for being grown in backyard gardens.