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Fast Growing Trees

A List of Fast-growing Trees With Pin-worthy Pictures

There are different phases of growth of a tree. The growth rate of each plant is different. Read the following article that provides a brief insight into fast growing trees and their characteristics.
Reshma Jirage
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
Trees are a crucial and integral part of the ecosystem. They are essential to maintain the balance of the ecosystem, to prevent soil erosion, and to keep environment pollution-free. Adequate water and food supply, sunlight, and optimum temperature are required for their proper growth.
Every plant has a different growth cycle and life cycle. Some plants grow slowly, while some are fast growing. Trees that grow fast use nutrients for exceptional leafy growth. Here are some examples:
Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
Douglas Fir Close up of Needles
It is a member of small genus of fir trees. It maintains a symmetrical, characteristic shape from top to bottom. Seasonal growth begins in spring, and it survives in the harshest of climatic conditions.
The Norway Spruce (Picea abies)
Background - close-up Norway spruce
It is one of the fastest-growing, evergreen trees. It grows very wide and can be used as an ornamental showpiece. It can withstand extremely cold climate. It grows to the size of a Christmas tree within two years. It is conical-shaped when young, and columnar when mature.
Leyland Cypress (Cuprocyparis leylandii)
Cypress tree
This evergreen plant is perfect to create a dense, evergreen hedge. These trees grow very thick and have soft texture.
Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos)
Honey locust
It is a pod-bearing, tall plant with a short trunk. Its elegant foliage is lacy with medium or fine texture. The height of a mature tree is about 30 - 70 feet. Its fall foliage is yellow or yellow-green in color. Its fruits are reddish-brown and strap-like.
Weeping Willow (Salix babylonica)
Weeping Willow tree
It is tall and wide, with drooping branches that reach the ground. It grows to a height of about 8 - 10 feet within a year under ideal conditions. Its narrow, small leaves appear in late winter, offering the tree a golden look. As these plants mature, they become green and turn yellow in autumn. They grow vigorously in dry, as well as moist locations and alongside riverbanks.
Tulip Tree (Liriodendron tulipifera)
Saucer magnolia
It grows up to 80 feet in height. It has deep-green leaves and masses of tulip-like flowers during the spring. The leaves turn to a blazing, golden-yellow color during fall. It is a valuable shade tree, which is highly resistant to diseases and insect attacks.
Silver Maple (Acer saccharinum)
Yellow Maple Tree
It is one of the quickly growing trees that grows up to 3 feet every year. Its foliage has an attractive silvery underside, which turns orange-red or golden yellow in fall.
Hardy Pecan (Carya illinoinensis)
It is one example of rapidly growing beautiful trees. It provides rich-flavored, sweet nuts during fall. This tree is ideal for planting in the lawn because it shed its leaves in late falls and is resistant to the insect attacks. It is about 100 feet tall and 70 feet spread.
Royal Empress Tree (Paulownia tomentosa)
Paulownia tomentosa
It is one of the fastest growing plants. It reaches a lofty height within one year with little care. It can grow over 20 feet in height in a span of 3 years. The flowering period is during hot summers.