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Fast Growing Shrubs

Fast Growing Shrubs
Are you looking for shrubs that will grow fast in your garden? This Gardenerdy article brings you a few suggestions.
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There are many quick growing shrubs which provide good privacy and can be also used for screening. This way, you don't need to plant a fence as the shrubs will provide enough privacy. However, these shrubs might need frequent pruning maintenance. So, right selection of any shrubs and trees is important―consider its full-grown height and breadth, and select the ones which grow to a height of around 7 feet. If you want them to go fast and provide privacy, and avoid pruning them too much.
Popular Fast Growing Shrubs
Redosier Dogwood: This is a deciduous shrub, that is popular for its stunning red stems. These are good choice as shrubs for screening, as they provide a fast, medium-sized screen in the summer season. They produce white colored flowers during late spring, and white fruits appear during late summer. This shrub grows around 7-9 feet tall, with a similar circumference.
Leyland Cypress: It grows very fast, and grows tall. It can provide a garden with 3-4 feet of height every growing season. This shrub has normally a very dark green color, but it also comes in bluish green, gray, bright green, and gold. Though this shrub grows very tall, with proper pruning you can maintain a good size.
Lilac : These are easy to maintain, fast-growing shrubs. Also, the lilac flowers fill the surrounding area with a beautiful fragrance. These shrubs are often planted in rows along the property borders, and pruned to maintain as hedges. These are a good choice if you are looking for old-fashioned types of shrubs. Another good choice of old-fashioned shrub is the mock orange bush.
Privet: There are around 5 types of privet shrubs, which include the Chinese privet shrubs, Amur privet shrubs, and the common privets. These shrubs can fill in better and look bushier if they are pruned frequently.
Butterfly Bush: Butterfly bush are quite popular as they provide privacy. It's not just that they grow very fast, but they also help to block out noise. You can always see many butterflies flying around this bush, during their peak blooming time. These shrubs provide big spikes of colorful flowers, which attract many butterflies and hummingbirds.
Other Good Rapidly Growing Shrubs
  • Mock Orange
  • Cotoneaster
  • Burning Bush
  • Forsythia
  • Pussy Willow
  • Diablo Ninebark
  • Loropetalum
  • Yew
  • Hemlock
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