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Fast-growing Privacy Hedges

A List of Fast-growing Privacy Hedges With Good Pictures

Hedges are an excellent way of ensuring privacy, as they are easy on the eyes, and a rather polite way of saying, "Stay out!". Read on to know about privacy hedges that tend to grow fast.
Loveleena Rajeev
Last Updated: Feb 16, 2018
Gardens and houses that are marked by a hedge boundary, never seem to have an abrupt end; the landscape just seems to flow. Growing hedges requires attention to some important details like the climate, soil suitability, water availability, and the purpose it needs to serve. Established hedges look beautiful, but for them to get there, it needs many years of pruning and training. However, for all those who want the best hedges to plant, which will grow quickly, choose from the following list.
bright red berries
This requires very little water, and can grow in varied climates and soil. The branches are dense, making it ideal for screening. Easy to prune and train, it can be shaped quite easily. It also has green leaves and bright red berries that fill the hedge, giving it a very Christmassy look.
Thuja Green Giant
Thuja Green Giant
Being one of the fastest growing evergreen trees, they make for good hedges for sidewalks as well as large gardens. Not only are they drought tolerant, but also resistant to insects and diseases. They grow up to 3-5 feet every year. The foliage is thick and bright green. Keep in mind that the thuja is a hybrid. Hence, it cannot be grown from seeds, but propagated through cuttings.
Golden Duranta
Golden Duranta
This golden yellow-colored hedge is perhaps the easiest to grow of all. It grows fast, thrives in any kind of soil, and is disease resistant. It has small leaves that turn golden yellow during summers, and bright green during the rains. One can plant cuttings during the monsoon season, and in just two years, one will have an established hedge.
Chinese Privet
Chinese Privet
This is a low maintenance, drought tolerant hedge. Its leaves come in shades of silver, green, and yellow, making it look very colorful. The flowers are cone-shaped, branching in panicles of 2-4 inches long, and profusely covering the shrub. This plant does not even require regular pruning.
The evergreen hedge bamboo is a favorite among many gardeners. Long, beautiful stems, with elongated, bright evergreen leaves, make it extremely attractive. There are many varieties one can choose from. Check for color, height, density, and leaf size before deciding on the variety. Bamboos are water-intensive, at least in their growing years.
Turkestan Elm
This elm is a dense, deciduous hedge with small, bright green leaves. It is resistant to most diseases, and can easily thrive in poor soil too. Adequate water in its first two years makes it grow 4-6 feet per year, making it one of the fastest growing hedges. Being dense, it not only insulates noise, but also traps dust and stops the pollution from coming in the garden.
Purpleleaf Sandcherry
This fast-growing hedge produces a spectacular view with its foliage and flowers. It produces red foliage in the spring, and white flowers in May. In the autumn, the foliage will turn a deep, reddish purple. They are hardy plants, and grow easily.
Fast-growing privacy hedges not only provide privacy and security, but also keep the chaos of the world outside. Most of the above mentioned are no-fuss growers, and will establish themselves very soon.
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