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Fast-Growing Plants

There are plants that grow at an alarming rate compared to most varieties. Such plants are often preferred by families that wish for a faster garden growth. Read the following article to know which types are on the offering.
Gardenerdy Staff
It's not only weeds that grow and spread fast in a short span of time. There exist several plant varieties that not only grow quickly but are also beneficial to us, be it or landscaping or for other uses. There are many plants in this category which can be used for growing indoors as well outdoors. Some of these are known for the flowers they produce, while others for their green cover.
Bamboo: Bamboos are capable of growing at a rate of 60 cm/day. This perennial evergreen grass belongs to the Poaceae family. The plant needs to be fertilized every month in order to maintain its growth as it can becomes invasive. It can be controlled by creating a barrier. A wide sidewalk should serve the purpose.
Calendula: This plant belongs to the aster family and has a botanical name, Calendula officinalis. It is annual and easy to maintain. The height attained ranges from 12-30 inches. Flowers have 2-3 inches width and leaves are 4 inches long. It grows well in areas with partial to bright shade.
Bottlebrush: It is a group (genus- Callistemon) of plants that includes 34 species. Bottlebrushes are endemic to Australia. The name, bottlebrush is assigned after their flowers which have a shape that resembles the shape of a brush.
Spider Plant: The spider plant is perennial in nature. Its botanical name is Chlorophytum comosum and it belongs to the lily family. Small white flowers are produced which possess 8-16 inch long leaves. It is advisable to grow these plants in bright light. It thrives well in variety of soils.
Marigold:Marigold belongs to the aster family and blooms within a period of just 50 days after being planted. Bright sunlight proves to be useful from the point of germination and growth. Shades of flowers found in marigolds include yellow, orange, maroon, and gold.
Morning Glory: These plants germinate quickly and fill the entire planting area at a faster rate than other plants. Flowers of the morning glory have colors such as blue, purple, pink, red, and white.
Royal Palm: One of the members of palm family, the royal palm has the botanical name Roystonea regia. It is evergreen in nature. Leaves of the royal palm are 10 feet in length, with the leaflets being 8 inches long. The royal palm is adaptable to a variety of soil types and grows well in bright sunlight.
Confederate Rose: It belongs to the mallow family and has the botanical name Hibiscus mutabilis. The confederate rose is a low-maintenance plant. It is also capable of tolerating drought conditions. It reaches a height of 15 feet and produces flowers that are 3-5 inches in size and white in color. The flowers turn deep pink in due course of time.
Bamboo Natural Fence
Field of Marigold flowers
Flowering Tropical Bottlebrush Tree
Royal palm tree
Confederate Rose Flower