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Fast Growing Evergreen Trees for Privacy

Fast Growing Evergreen Trees for Privacy
If you are looking for the fast growing evergreen trees for privacy, then this article will be a good guide for you. Take a look at the different types of species from the content of this article.
Saptakee Sengupta
It's a wonderful idea to grow evergreen trees for the purpose of maintaining privacy of your home and its surrounding landscape. Trees that are evergreen will keep blooming throughout the year with seasonal fall of leaves. Thus, the motive behind planting such trees is completely served. Above all, surrounding your house with a row of neatly shaped evergreen trees is a natural way to uplift its aesthetic beauty. The trees will further cast shadow on the open spaces and you can spend a good time basking under them. Choosing trees with colorful foliage along with a touch of fresh green creates a paradisaical beauty all around. Some of the best choices for evergreen trees for privacy will be mentioned in the next content.
Evergreen Trees that Grow Rapidly
There are ample species of trees that prove worth when planted for providing privacy to a house. Growing plants from seeds is the best option to achieve the long term good effects. You can get the products from a horticulturist or any stores selling plant seeds and products. Check out the conditions required for their growth and then find out the best product with the help professional guidance because the choice of species depends on the prevailing weather condition and the area to be covered.
Thuja Green Giant
This one of the fastest growing privacy trees and is highly in demand owing to the following characteristics. The plants are capable of growing under any type of weather conditions since they are tolerant to drought and are adaptable to different types of soils. You need not endow too much care on the plants and occasional pruning is enough for maintaining their shape. The French Renaissance appeal of the plants make them appear luxurious in spacious landscapes. An additional advantage is that the plants are disease and pest resistant.
Carolina Cherry Laurel
This is one of the cutest species of fast growing evergreen trees that you can grow for privacy. Cherry Laurel is actually a native of North America although it flourishes well in almost every parts of the U.S. It's a wonderful landscaping tree since maintenance cost is minimum and it adaptable to a wide range of soil and climatic condition. You can propagate the trees by cutting, through root suckers or by sowing seeds. The dark color of the foliage and dense leaves provide shade and the cherries blossoming makes the trees more attractive.
American Holly
The dense growth of the trees creates a screen against your home. The exotic species survive well when you have well trimmed grass bed lawns at the outskirts of your house. It's ideal for creating a privacy hedge. The beauty of the holy trees are enhanced when bright berries pop from the thick dark green color foliage during winter season. The trees bear white flowers during spring and they are extremely easy to grow. Being pest and disease resistant, they are highly appreciated by consumers.
Autumn Blaze Maple
If you are eager to add a tint to your natural fence, then autumn blaze maple is the perfect choice. The bright red leaves add life to the surroundings of your house. They are amazingly attractive rendering heavenly beauty to your house. The average height of the tree is 3-5 feet and it looks great when planted in rows across the side walkaways and edges of gardens. The plants are actually hybrids of silver and red maple trees and they absolutely drought resistant.
Apart from those, you can browse through species of fast growing evergreen trees from the list given below.
  • Lombardy Poplar
  • Leyland Cypress
  • Willow Hybrid
  • Italian Cypress
  • Juniper 'Wichita Blue'
  • Dawn Redwood
  • Natchez Crape
  • Nellie Stevens Holly
  • River Birch
  • Cleveland Pear
  • Heritage River Birch
  • Autumn Purple Ash
  • Red Rocket Crape
  • Juniper 'Skyrocket'
  • Sky Pencil Holly
  • Norway Spruce
  • Thuja Emerald Green
  • Dynamite Crape Myrtle Tree
  • Pink Velour Crape
  • Dwarf Elberta Peach
  • Sawtooth Oak
  • Ginkgo Tree
  • Mimosa Tree
  • Green Giant Arborvitae
  • Eucalyptus Tree
  • Canadian Hemlock
  • Awabuki Sweet Viburnum
  • Japanese Cedar
The list is definitely long for there are a numerous species that are evergreen in nature and could be planted for the purpose of hedging and fencing. Check out the images of the trees mentioned in the content above and pick up the best one for your house.
Dawn Redwood
Image of tall Leyland cypress
Image of tall Lombardy poplar tree
Eucalyptus trees
Ginkgo tree
Pink Crape Myrtle Tree Macro
Pink Crepe Myrtle
Image of tall green cypress conifer tree
Spruce (Picea abies)
Red Crepe Myrtle
Nellie R Stevens Holly Tree
American Holly
Thujas tree on stone fence