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Exterior Lighting Ideas

Mamta Mule Feb 13, 2019
It may be your backyard, front porch, or your open balcony. Lights will make it a better place to be in. Warm and mellow lights around the tree trunks, post lights, or step lights, take your pick from the variety listed here and transform your summer evening experiences by transforming your outdoors.
Outdoor lighting is essential to illuminate your patio, deck, yard, or entrance. While it adds to the beauty of your house, it also adds to the security element. Whether you are concerned about safety or appearance of your exteriors, here are some exterior lighting ideas to help you. Go through and opt for those which go with your choice, style, and budget.

Post Lights

Let's start with the entrance. It could be the main gate or the open and designer framework of your patio, deck, or just your door, depending upon the type of house you stay in.
This is undoubtedly the first area that is noticed, hence, illuminating it needs no mention. Get a pair of post lights and perfectly beautify your entrance. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, you are sure to get confused while buying one. Those with wrought iron finish look ultimate and are among the most popular choice.

Solar Lights

Solar landscape lighting is the next option you can look at. While you can use these as post lamps as well, these look especially classy when used for lighting up the pathways. These are solar-powered and do not need any wiring.
These are most suitable for places where the task of electrical wiring is difficult like entrance pathways, garden pathways, garden bridges built over small canals, or pool side lighting. Once charged, these stay lit for 8 -10 hours at a stretch. Make sure that you install these in areas which receive direct sunlight.

Flood Lights

If you want the best possible illumination with just a few light fixtures, flood lights are the best ones to opt for. These are best for illuminating a large area, especially for parties and celebrations.
These can be used to illuminate focal point of the lawn patio. If you have a fountain, sculpture or a decorative item, you can have up-lighting using flood lights. Up-lighting means having a light fixture to provide upward lighting. This is placed below the object and illuminates the object from bottom. You can have colored flood lights for better effects.

Ideas to Consider

Apart from these, you can have step lighting to light up the steps. They are kept below the steps. If you have patio furniture or garden furniture, you can consider having poles with post lamps around. One idea is to have stylish table lamps to grace the tables. You can put small decorative tables or stools around the furniture and keep table lamps on them.
If you have a lot of trees in your garden, origami lanterns can light up the area in a unique way. You can use paper lanterns which come in various shapes, sizes, designs, and colors. Make sure all the pieces are identical to create the best outdoors.
Origami lanterns are used for illuminating the space just outside your door as well. Outdoor LED rope lighting is also a good idea to light up the trees. You can consider having wall scones all around the exterior wall of your house which is a part of your garden. Make sure you go for soft lighting in order to create a calm ambiance.
These were just a few ideas that will definitely help you have a great looking exterior space. Make sure you do not overdo the lighting. One of the smarter ideas is to have different arrangements for evening and night illumination.
This will ensure that you have calm and soft lighting in the evenings and bright and bold lighting at nights for security. Don't forget to have a separate light to brighten up your name and house number at the gates.