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Tips for Choosing Exterior French Patio Doors

Scholasticus K Oct 8, 2018
Exterior French patio doors have been in vogue for many years and are also employed as entrances to the outdoor decks or balconies. French doors are usually a series of doors, that are attached by hinges or on sliders, and are known as sliding glass doors.
Traditionally, French doors that lead to patios are made up of wooden frames and have glass panel between them. Conventionally, they are attached in sets of fours or sixes. They are attached, so that the person sitting inside the house would be able to enjoy the scenery without going outside.
This concept probably originated during the Renaissance in Europe, where big mansions which had huge gardens and patios, were fitted with these doors.

The Design

The advantage of using the conventional design while installing exterior patio doors is that they look simple, yet elegant. They are made of an excellent variant of wood that is sturdy and is also resistant to weathering. The only fragile part of the door is the glass.
Many designers have come up with different ideas that include different materials and designs. One of the most common design, that is being used in modern times is, doors that are made up of metal and are mounted on a roller mechanism. These doors usually have aluminum frames and have glass in between.

How to Choose them?

The task that you may find very difficult is choosing the appropriate exterior French patio door. The basic thing that you have to decide is that, does your house has a modern look or a vintage look.
If it has a modern look, then simply go for the doors that are made up of metal and have a very modern yet classy look.
If your house has a vintage look then you should go for a design that is made of wood and is similar to the conventional French doors.
The best way to select the right one is to gauge the door space, where you plan to install it. In case of a smaller length and breadth, use a design that has less glass and transparency. This way it will look more similar to normal doors, but will have the charm of exterior French patio doors.
In case you have a good considerable length and breadth, use the design which has the maximum glass and transparency.
Choosing the appropriate color and wood shade is also important. One of the best options is to choose the shades of wood that correspond to the room. The second way is to match the shade that corresponds to the patio, and the third way is to match the paint of the patio, door, and the interior of the room.
A very important aspect of patio doors is that, one should be able to take care of its wood. One has to pay special attention to the polishing as the exterior of the door deteriorates, more as compared to the interior. The best option is to polish it periodically.