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Enchanting and Exotic Flower Names With Unique Meanings

Exotic Flower Names
Exotic flowers are unique, beautiful, and enchanting. Flowers, of course, are loved by all, and make universal gifts - even an insensitive person is likely to get charmed by flowers. Every flower has its own meaning and significance and is used to convey unsaid feelings.
Divya Bichu
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Exotic Flower
The Beauty of Flowers
The Beauty of Flowers
Flowers have an expression of countenance as much as men or animals. Some seem to smile; some have a sad expression; some are pensive and diffident; others again are plain, honest and upright, like the broad-faced sunflower and the hollyhock. - Henry Ward
The Characteristic and Importance of Exotic Flowers
Flowers instill immense happiness and joy in everyone's life. Every flower symbolizes something. Exotic flowers are particularly enchanting and attractive as compared to the other varieties, because they are unique and very rare. The main characteristics of exotic flowers are their fragrance and the bright colors, which gives them an aesthetic appeal. They are pretty, elegant, and rich, and symbolize the combination of beauty and power.
The Significance of Exotic Flowers in Various Cultures
Exotic flowers are an integral part of the Hawaiian, Japanese, and the Brazilian culture. Japan is famous for its exotic flower, cherry blossom, well-known as 'sakura'. For the Japanese, cherry blossoms represent the end of winter and the onset of a new life, the growing and joyous season of spring. The Hawaiian culture is also associated with exotic flowers; indeed, the Hawaiins welcome guests with the lei of exotic flowers, which is a beautiful and touching gesture.
Some Exotic Flowers
Azalea, Freesia, Zinnia, Adenium, Allamanda, Amicia, Bletilla, Mutisia, Blue jacaranda, and Byra are some fascinating exotic flowers.
List of Exotic Flowers
Begonia Fairlady, Chrysanthemums, Colchicum, Celosias, Whortleberry, Cyrilla, Crocus, Jonquil, Gloxinia, Nigella are some lovely exotic flowers.
More Exotic Flowers
Cammelia, Columbine, Cassia, Calla lily, Clematis, Xeranthemum, Drimys, Delphinium, Cereus, and Epigaea are some more exotic flowers.
Lovely Exotic Flowers
African Moon, Filbert, Feather celosia, Giant amazon water-lily, Magnolia, Gazania, Nasturtium, Gilia, and Garrya are some lovely exotic flowers.
Enchanting Exotic Flowers
Rhododendron, Gingerlily, Clematis, Galax, Nettle, Holly, Ivy, Inula, Yew, and Quaking Grass are some enchanting exotic flowers.
Rare Exotic Flowers
Kennedia, Laburnum, Peonies, Borzicactus, Ipomoea, Layia, Marjoram, Franklinia, Madder, and Mulberry are some rare exotic flowers.
Beautiful Exotic Flowers
Mandrake, Gardenia, Hydrangea, Oriental Lily, Edelweiss, Osmunda, Oleander, Panies, Laurel, and Parodia are some beautiful exotic flowers.
Unique Exotic Flowers
Petunia, Phalaenopsis orchids, Phlox, Pink Cushion Cactus, Protea, Pentas, Poppy, Lantana, Fuchsia, and Indian Cress are some unique exotic flowers.
Bright Exotic Flowers
Strelitzia, Styrax, Teasel, Ruellia, Thornapple, Thistle, Tansy, Valerian, Verbena, Vinca, and Wood-Sorrel are some bright exotic flowers.
Alluring Exotic Flowers
Alpinia, Weeping Bottlebrush, Wisteria, Sweetpea, Cockscomb, Bikkia, Yarrow, Dandelions, and Zephyranth are some alluring exotic flowers.
The next time you look online or visit the florist, you know what you have to ask for. Exotic flowers are the best way to make someone feel special, and a great way to express your feelings to your loved ones!